Singer-turned-actor Luke Goss makes his directorial debut with B-rate actioner Your Move, which he also wrote and starred in. Here's my DVD review.

The basic premise follows David (Goss), a successful businessman that, whilst away for work, witnesses the brutal attack and kidnapping of his wife and child when he is on a video call with them. With the law enforcement proving unreliable, David sets about on his own terms to locate his family and avenge the violence that befell them.

Your Move has the makings of a good, B-rate action film but it is, sadly, anything but. This film, frankly put, sucks. It is awful. Not only does the story veer into very generic and predictable territory but it is perhaps one of the worst written films I’ve seen in some time; the characters are about as contrived and one-dimensional as they come, with the dialogue coming out of their mouths just as bad – if not more so – and horrendously awkward and cringe-worthy. It’s a film that, despite a seemingly simplistic story, becomes all too convoluted and sprawling for its own good and utterly and horribly nonsensical – logic is void and plot-holes are a common theme with this film. Moreover, it’s just shockingly helmed. There is nothing inspired about the direction or action – shot so poorly, with sequences just feeling so bland and dull to watch. It’s a jarring film that is uneven and all over the place; with awful acting, awful writing, jarring direction, a sprawling story, and nothing about this film working at all, Your Move is as tedious and pointless a film as they come. If it’s my move, I’d like to withdraw. Because this is not worth sitting around for. It is insufferable!

Your Move sucks. You’d best take your turn quickly and withdraw because this is one of the worst B-rate action films to have released in some time.

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