One of the many stars in attendance at this year's Glasgow Film Festival was the gorgeous Imogen Poots, who was on hand for the UK Premiere of Mobile Homes where she chat with me about her latest project.


Perhaps best known for her role as Tami in 28 Weeks Later, or as Amber in Jeremy Saulnier's acclaimed Green Room, Imogen Poots has worked on her fair share of big projects - most recently in Sweet Virginia and next in I Kill Giants. Sticking more in the supporting lines, her role in director Vladimir de Fontenay's Mobile Homes sees her step into the spotlight alongside her Green Room co-star Callum Turner. The pair were in attendance for the film's U.K premiere.

Here's the synopsis:
A young mother drifts from one motel to the next with her intoxicating boyfriend and her 8-year-old son. The makeshift family scrapes by, living one hustle at a time, until the discovery of a mobile home community offers an alternative life.
I was lucky enough to get a chance to speak to Imogen Poots on the carpet for Mobile Homes, during this year's Glasgow Film Festival, where we discussed her character of Ali as well as her reunion with Turner (who I also spoke to, you can find that interview here).

You can check out the interview below - courtesy goes to photographer and friend of the site, JRae Media for brilliantly filming the footage:
A UK release date for Mobile Homes is TBC. Watch the trailer below:

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