Because everyone loved that Bad Kids Go To Hell film back in 2012 so much, a sequel was definitely warranted. So now, premiering at Ed Film Fest this year, we have the loosely-connected - but still standalone follow-up - Bad Kids of Crestview Academy... Yay?

Nope. More like, yikes! Bad Kids of Crestview Academy is not a good film. The film, basically, follows our titular "bad kids of Crestview Academy" during a Saturday morning detention when everything just goes awry and the body count starts rising and the kids have to get to the bottom of what's going on and escape the school alive. Yes, the film is as ridiculous and stupid as it sounds. Each of the kids has their own story of how they landed themselves in detention - mostly all of them for getting into trouble at the same party. It's awfully convoluted.

That's the problem with Bad Kids. This is a film that crams way too much and explains very little. We have so many subplots being juggled here that it becomes very difficult to follow along with each and every one of them; it also means there's little time to develop each one properly into a stronger narrative that we'd actually care for because of how convoluted and askew this screenplay is. Every kid comes to their detention with their own selfish motivations and plot and, to make things even more confusing, there are also many flashbacks to a party and even more subplots taking place too. On top of this, we just do not give a shit about the characters. They are as one-dimensional and weak as they come; the film tries to make this a diverse cast but it falls into awful stereotyping instead. The film tries to craft them as cool, edgy, relatable teens but they could not be more contrived and the dialogue between them is even more so ridiculous.
This is a film that thinks it's a lot cooler than it perhaps actually is. Director Ben Browden thinks he is the stylish, fun, cool new kid on the block with this but he's actually the stuck-up wannabe that everyone avoids and chats about behind his back. If 'fun' and 'entertaining' is defined by poor CGI, terribly fake and very over-the-top action and gore and painfully unfunny humour that thinks it's hilarious then, yes, Bad Kids is a blast. The performances are perhaps the saving grace that saves this from being completely awful, competent young actors - most anyway, there are some performances that are awful - that this film doesn't deserve, and some of the ridiculousness is just so bad and contrived that it becomes somewhat enjoyable. This isn't one of those "so bad it's good" pictures, because it's "so bad it's bad", but it has a couple of those moments and decent jokes to completely stop it plundering. Oh, and the finale is the most blatant sequel setup ever. But who really wants to see that? I would rather be trapped in this horror-house school instead.

In the end, this results in being nothing more than a combobulation of so many poor, half-thought ideas and half-arsed characters with "cool visual" appeal and "blood and gore" but the execution is all too appalling and boring that it just does not make for an entertaining watch and instead, is painfully unfunny and boring and unforgettable. But did anyone even ever think it would - or even could - be anything more than that? 

If one thing is accurate, Bad Kids of Crestview Academy is indeed bad. Very bad. It's an unfunny, boring and just cringe-worthy mess.

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