A film that was posted about quite a lot on this site a couple of years back was coming-of-age comedy The Outskirts that kept popping up from time to time before going silent for almost a year... Well, you'll be happy to know, it's still happening, and the first trailer for it is here.

A neat International trailer for the film dropped a couple months back but BCDF Pictures have now (finally!) debuted the first, full-length official trailer for the film, now retitled The Outcasts, so, without further ado, you can check it out below:

You can head here for all the coverage on The Outcasts, including the first poster , as well as the time Oasis Awais got the chance to chat to director Peter Hutchings before even revealing an exclusive still from the film on the site ages ago. As you can tell, I've been eagerly anticipating The Outcasts for some time. Thankfully, it does not look like it will disappoint; the trailer is hilarious, charming and fun - everything I thought I would get from this picture. The coming-of-age genre has been fairly strong recently, so it'll be interesting to see how this one fares when it arrives.

Here's the synopsis:
When Jodi and Mindy fall victim to an embarrassing prank, the pair decide to seek revenge upon the 'populars' that pranked them. Setting out uniting all the school's outcasts, the whole system is soon turned on its head when they overthrow the popular crew and take over the school.
With Peter Hutchings at the helm, and starring Victoria JusticeEden SherClaudia LeePeyton ListAvan JogiaAshley RickardsKatie Chang and more, The Outcasts will release in cinemas and on VOD in the U.S on April 14th, 2017. There is no word on a U.K release yet.

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