Remember the film The Outskirts? The one we got an awesome first poster for and a chance to chat to director Peter Hutchings before revealing an exclusive still for the film on the site ages ago? It has resurfaced, and our first look at it is FINALLY here via an international trailer.

The Outskirts had lots of release date problems and shifted from Summer 2015 to November 2015 to an unspecified 2016 release before just disappearing into the void completely. A trailer for the film has been long overdue and whilst details of a UK/US release and an official trailer are yet to be released, an international teaser for the film from Rhymes With Banana director Peter Hutchings has found its way online, so here it is:
I've been awaiting the first look at this film for a while now and it didn't disappoint. It should be noted that this trailer has been out for around a month and comes re-titled Cool Girls (for it's Dutch release, at least) but, seeing how involved OasisAwais was with this film (exclusive stills; interviews; the whole shebang), it felt appropriate to share it with those who, similarly to me, weren't aware this existed. It's also exciting to see this film back on its feet after being buried since 2015. Looks like the lucky folks in the Netherlands will get to see it February 16th. Hopefully this is a sign of good things to come for the film and maybe we'll get to see it sooner than later.

I have to admit, it's a wonderful wee trailer; 2 minutes of pure joy that is funny, heartfelt, stylish, a little bit weird and just all kinds of cool. With the overabundance of coming-of-age films in recent years, this looks like the silver lining - a refreshing, atypical teen flick. The trailer sets up the film's premise really well and gives us a nice flavour of the humour and drama we can expect. Frankly, I'm mostly intrigued to see how Hutchings and the cast tackle all the important topics being juggled here but, from what we see, it looks like they've done a good job with that and made a unique picture in the process. When talking about the film to OasisAwais, Peter said, "It's a story about friendship, community, and the search for authenticity. It's about being yourself and forming a supporting and respectful group of friends."

Here's the synopsis:
When Jodi and Mindy fall victim to an embarrassing prank, the pair decide to seek revenge upon the 'populars' that pranked them. Setting out uniting all the school's outcasts, the whole system is soon turned on its head when they overthrow the popular crew and take over the school.
With Peter Hutchings at the helm, and starring Victoria JusticeEden SherClaudia LeePeyton ListAvan JogiaAshley RickardsKatie Chang and more, The Outskirts will hopefully open sometime soon, with details of an exact release still to be announced. I'm patiently waiting now.

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