Yesterday brought much excitement when the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 teaser trailer was dropped onto us. However, the Marvel hype doesn't end there, as the first trailer for next year's Logan has just arrived too.

Having played the character for just under two decades now, Hugh Jackman's iconic run as fan-favourite mutant Wolverine is set to come to an end next year. Now, 20th Century Fox have debuted a teaser trailer for Logan, Jackman's final outing as the eponymous hero. Check it out:

And here's the international one, which is pretty much the same apart from an incredible red-band shot towards the end:

I was already very much excited for Logan - I'm a huge X-Men fan and I love Jackman as this character - but this teaser trailer blew me away. I thought 2013's The Wolverine was incredible and I loved what James Mangold did with the character and the story in that. Logan looks very different from any other Wolverine and X-Men movie out there, tonally and visually, and I'm excited to see what Mangold brings to the table this time around. The reveal doesn't give too much away but it establishes this post-apocalyptic world and some very broken and worn out leads in Logan and Charles too. We also get introduced to Sienna Novikov's young mutant (who can be seen on the teaser poster too) - who many believe to be X-23 (it's obvious, right?) - and I love the emotion and family dynamic teased between her, Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

Plot details for Logan are thin but we know it's set in the year 2024, in a time where mutants are pretty much redundant; both Logan and Professor X are old and find their powers fading, the former's healing abilities sometimes don't even work, whilst the latter sometimes even struggles to remember who those around him are. The film will see them take a lost, young mutant under their wing, with abilities similar to Logan's. The trailer definitely teases this and teases a much darker tone to the film too. I love the gritty, Western style and aesthetic and I think Johnny Cash's Hurt is the perfect song choice too. I also love how the film doesn't look to be solely action driven, but more so character driven - the title is Logan and not Wolverine or anything, after all.

With James Mangold at the helm, and starring Hugh JackmanPatrick StewartStephen MerchantBoyd Holdbrook, and Richard GrantLogan is set to hit cinemas on March 3rd, 2017.

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