It's that time of year again: Comic-Con. Which, for avid TV fans everywhere, means one thing: the trailer for The Walking Dead's new season. With how the curtain came to a close last season, our first look at the hotly anticipated season 7 has been eagerly awaited... and it's here.

Just the other day, the first image and posters for the forthcoming season were revealed (check them out here) and now the trailer has followed suit. Of course, the identity of just who met their demise at the hands of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Negan and his barbed-wire baseball bat Lucille isn't revealed but you can check the trailer out for yourself below:

Major props go to AMC for creating a teaser that is not only exciting and action-packed and showcases much of what we can expect next season but one that has also been cleverly cut together so as not to give away any details of who got viciously beat to a living pulp by Lucille. Much of the focus of the trailer is on Morgan's antagonist and his group, The Saviors, as well as those who we know are safe, the likes of Carol, Morgan, Jesus etc. However, the biggest surprise is the reveal of Khary Payton as fan-favourite character King Ezekiel, from the comics - he runs the community 'The Kingdom' and is a friend to The Hilltop Commnity, with a shared hatred for Negan - and his pet tiger Shiva.

As divisive as it was, and as upset as fans may have gotten because of the cliffhanger ending, the season 6 finale was, in my opinion, absolutely terrific and Jeffrey Dean Morgan was truly exceptional as Negan. It'll be exciting to see season 7 pick up where we left off and jump straight back into the action and this trailer has me more excited for the big reveal we've all been waiting for. It'll also be interesting to see just how that paves the way for the rest of the story; Negan and his Saviors were a big focus of the trailer so I'm intrigued to see just what exactly their roles will be this season and to what extent too.

The Walking Dead Season 7 will star Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Norman Reedus, Michael Cudlitz, Danai Gurira, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan amongst many others. It was announced at SDCC that season 7 will premiere in the U.S on AMC on October 23rd, 2016, so, as usual, we can expect it to air on Fox the following day, on October 24th, here in the U.K.

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