Star Wars Celebration is now well underway in London now. Yesterday, all eyes were on the Rogue One panel, where we got a poster, featurette and slew of new details for the film (but no trailer), whilst today's big panel was for Star Wars: Rebels, and the first trailer and poster for season 3 is here.

If you cast your mind back, the intense Rebels season 2 finale introduced (or re-introduced even) an iconic Star Wars villain: Darth Maul, voiced by Sam Witwer. We also got to see Vader fight Ahsoka (who may not be quite gone after all as series creator Dave Filoni teased today) and there was even a little bit of Ezra perhaps being tempted by The Dark Side. The episode left our heroes in some pretty tough situations and the fans with many questions. At the Rebels panel today, at Celebration, Filoni was on-hand, alongside Witwer and Tiya Sircar - who voices Sabine in the show - to debut the first trailer for season 3 so check it out:

There may have been an uproar yesterday that the Rogue One trailer was merely a Celebration exclusive, and not made available to the general public, but this Rebels trailer just about makes up for it. The reveal gives us our first, proper look at the return of the show and I'm more excited than ever now for when it returns this Fall. We can see that The Ghost crew all have new looks, from Ezra, with his shorter hair and more stubborn attitude, to the now-blind and bearded Kanan and even Sabine who is rocking a new hair colour. There are also hints of a more darker tone, and Ezra possibly being tempted further to The Dark Side by the power and by Maul here too.

The action and visuals look stunning as always - this is one of the most technically impressive and gorgeous shows out there - as do the smaller character moments, which is where the series - in my opinion, at least - is at its finest. There's plenty teased here but the biggest takeaway from the trailer is that fan favourite character Grand Admiral Thrawn will be brought into canon and will be the season's big antagonist and, as Filoni revealed at the panel, he'll be voiced by Lars Mikkelsen in the season (yes, brother to Rogue One star Mads). It was also revealed that a new canon novel, titled "Thrawn", from author Timothy Zahn, who first introduced the character in the iconic and infamous canon novel trilogy Heir to the Empire in the 90's.

A poster for Rebels Season 3 has also released too, hot on the heels of the trailer, and it spotlights Ezra, Maul, Sabine and, of course, Thrawn. Filoni revealed that this season will focus a lot on Maul's relationship with Ezra, who he sees as his apprentice, now feeling lost himself and seeing the young Bridger as someone to pass the baton on to. Tiya Sircar also talked about the fact that we'd be finding out a lot more about Sabine's backstory and her relationship with other Mandalorians that the crew will come across, teasing that some may even be related to her.

Star Wars: Rebels Season 3 will return to Disney XD sometime later this year, with a premiere date still to be announced.

Here's that awesome poster for you all:

And here's the artwork for Zahn's Thrawn novel:

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