Star Wars Celebration has officially kicked off today in London, and whilst last year had a big focus on The Force Awakens, it's Rogue One that is taking the spotlight this year and a brand new poster, behind-the-scenes featurette and details for the forthcoming spin-off film have arrived. Excitement ahoy!

This time last year, The Force Awakens hadn't released and it still seemed like a dream that it was even happening. Of course, now the film is 6 months behind us and we're getting ready for what Disney and Lucasfilm have to offer next: Rogue One - A Star Wars Story. Just as new details for Episode VII were revealed at Celebration last year, this year the event brings us a new, behind-the-scenes featurette and poster, for Gareth Edwards' spin-off/prequel film - and the panel was hosted by Episode VII's very own Captain Phasma, Gwendoline Christie. Check out the reel below:

The featurette is great and gives us more of an idea and insight into just what it's like to make a Star Wars movie. You can feel the excitement and energy from the cast and the team and, from what we gather from the team altogether at the panel, there's some great chemistry and camraderie between this cast and this crew too. The whole cast were in attendance at the panel, alongside Edwards and producer Kathleen Kennedy. They revealed the new droid - who'll be voiced by Alan Tudyk - called K2-SO, and a new planet Jedha, decsribed by Edwards as the Mecca of the Star Wars universe. Mads Mikkelsen will also be playing Galen Erso, father to Jones' character Jyn and, of course, we got confirmation that Vader will be back in the film, voiced once again by James Earl Jones (but we already knew that anyway).

A new trailer for the upcoming flick was also shown at Celebration too but, unfortunately for those not in attendance, don't be expecting to be seeing it anytime soon as it was merely a Celebration exclusive. A Star Wars special is being shown on ABC tonight too, but I've confirmed with sources that only the above reel will be shown there and not the trailer - as many suspected it might. However, Comic-con takes place next week and the tends to be a time where studios reveal big news/trailers etc. as it's time where a lot of people are hyped by the SDCC spirit so news and reveals tend to be better received and more heard/viewed so I wouldn't be surprised if we see a little something in the coming couple of weeks. Until then though, we have the featurette and a cool new poster (below) for Rogue One to quench our thirst until the next trailer drops.

With Gareth Edwards at the helm, and starring Felicity Jones, Riz Ahmed, Forest Whitaker, Ben Mendelsohn, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, Diego Luna and Mads Mikkelsen, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits U.K cinemas on December 14th, 2016. The film will take place between Episode III and Episode IV, and will follow a group of rebel bounty hunters trying to steal the plans to the Death Star. As director Edwards said about the film, at last year's Celebration, "It’s about the fact that God’s not coming to save us. The absence of the Jedi hangs over the movie."

And here's the lovely first poster for Rogue One too, which was also one of the very many cool surprises revealed today:

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