Best known for their work together on TV - notoriously the Comedy Central sketch comedy show Key & Peele - comedic actors Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key star in their first feature-length film together, the action-comedy Keanu (featuring the world's cutest kitty).

The premise is simple. Rell (Jordan Peele) has just gone through a tough breakup and isn't taking it too well when an adorable little kitten randomly appears at his doorstep. Taking the kitten and caring for it, naming him Keanu, Rell quickly becomes attached to his new friend. However, when Rell comes home one day to find his house has been broken into, and Keanu kidnapped, he searches out, alongside his cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) to save the cat. But, upon learning that he is in the care of a tough-as-nails gangster, Cheddar (Method Man), the pair of normal, civilised "nerds" must pose as ruthless drug lords and win the trust of Cheddar to get Keanu back. Of course, things soon go awry and Rell and Clarence find themselves neck deep, out of their comfort zone, in this dangerous world of drugs and violence with their problems only continuing to rise the longer they pretend to be criminals.
Not only do Key and Peele make their big-screen debut, as leads, in a movie together, with Keanu, but Peter Atencio - who directed the pair on their Comedy Central comedy show Key & Peele quite a bit - makes his feature-length directorial debut with this film too. Peele, alongside another Key & Peele regular, writer Alex Rubens - wrote the screenplay and it's great. This film is absolutely hilarious. I was constantly laughing throughout and the screenplay is just so sharp and energetic and tremendously funny; as you'd want from this film, and this team, the jokes fly fast and thick and Keanu is very funny. It's a well-made film, in fact, overall. Of course, it's the brilliant pairing of these two comedians too that sells the humour so well too but Atencio very capably directs this film and, alongside the lead actors, and Rubens on writing duties, this is a very strong comedic team that work well together. Both Jordan and Keegan-Michael are funny actors and the pair have undeniably exceptional chemistry; the back-and-forth between them is so energetic and funny and their camaraderie and dynamic is infectious and charming, and just fun to watch. The jokes are great and all, but it's the interaction and oddball dynamics between these two actors that is the film's highlight.

On top of the comedy, the film is also very action-packed. The sequences are well-helmed and entertaining to watch but the film can become a little too action-heavy as we approach the final act, losing much of the heart and the humour that came before. The finale itself is a big, bloated, convoluted shootout with way too much slow-mo and overtly stylistic shots but it just doesn't quite work with the tone of the rest of the film. The overall tone is pretty light and Keanu is tons of fun to watch. The premise, for the most part, is fairly simple and this simplistic narrative works in favour of the film until it becomes way too complex and convoluted and messy as we near the end. And, aside from Rell and Clarence, most of the characters feel too one-dimensional and bland for us to really invest in them. Oh, and the eponymous kitten is barely in the film as well which is a shame - however, Keanu is by far the most adorable little kitten in cinematic history; so small and frail and just cute, he will melt your heart for sure, and he's made even more badass by the fact he is voiced briefly by Keanu Reeves at one point in the film. Key and Peele are a remarkable and hilarious pairing and Keanu is tons of fun to watch, as a silly, disposable gangster-comedy; the acting is great, the direction is slick and this film will have you laughing out loud constantly. I look forward to seeing this pair, and this whole crew even, together again in the future on other projects.

Whilst it can be a little uneven at times, hitting choppy waters in the third act, it's hard to deny that Keanu is a fun comedy. The direction is slick, the laughs hit hard and Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key are a truly incredible powerhouse pairing. But the film will win you over with the world's cutest little kitten anyway.

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