Marvel and Netflix's shared TV universe has really proven to be quite the success over the past couple of years. Whilst all eyes are currently on their third standalone series, Luke Cage, which arrives in a few months time, a short teaser for Iron Fist has arrived, the fourth and final superhero joining the ranks before The Defenders.

This year's Comic-con is well underway now, over in San Diego, and a whole slew of new trailers and details for the forthcoming shows in Marvel and Netflix's shared universe were revealed at the annual convention. Whilst the main focus of Marvel TV's panel was Luke Cage, we also got a teaser for The Defenders and our first look at a short Iron Fist teaser. Check it out:
The teaser is short and sweet and gives barely anything away but it's pretty cool, nonetheless. Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones will be playing our lead, Danny Rand, better known as the eponymous Iron Fist. In the comics, Rand has a dark, mysterious past and the teaser certainly alludes to that. It also has the same dark, gritty tone the other Marvel/Netflix series had, meaning it should fit quite comfortably alongside Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

To those not aware, in the comics, Danny Rand plunges his hands into the molten heart of a dragon, Shou-Lao the Undying, which infuses it's supernatural energy into our protagonist, giving him the ability to wield the mystical 'Iron Fist' force. This allows him to summon and focus his chi, which enhances his abilities such as speed, strength and senses. As well as this, he is also a master of K'un L'un's martial arts and other various fighting styles. The trailer doesn't show off his powers too much but we do get a tease of his super-strength when he punches a wall down. A  teaser poster was also revealed, to accompany the trailer, and it features the hero's iconic dragon symbol, with promise of a 2017 release date. It's embedded further down, but take a look at the official logo:
Starring Finn Jones, Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup, David Wenham, with Carrie-Ann Moss reprising her Jessica Jones role as Jeri Hogarth, and Rosario Dawson of course popping up as Claire Temple, Iron Fist will be coming soon to Netflix in 2017. An exact date is yet to be revealed. It'll be the last of the four standalone hero shows before we see them all teaming up in The Defenders later in the year.

Here's the poster:

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