This past week, actor/writer/director Kevin Smith was in Edinburgh, alongside his daughter Harley Quinn Smith, to promote their new film, Yoga Hosers, at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival. I was lucky enough to attend a roundtable interview with the pair and you can listen to it in full.

Indie filmmaker and all around film/comic book nerd, Kevin Smith has been making movies for around 22 years now and is perhaps best known for his films Clerks and Mallrats. He has also spent the past decade appearing on all sorts of podcasts; he has written a few comic-books; you may also know him from his relationship with Screen Junkies or his recent gig directing an episode of The CW's The Flash. His latest feature film, Yoga Hosers, stars his daughter Harley Quinn, as well Lily Rose Depp and Johnny Depp. It's an absurd but super fun comedy and you can read my review of it here. To promote the film, Kevin and Harley came to this year's Edinburgh Film Festival for the UK premiere of the film, as well as an in-person event and a couple of Q&A's.
I was lucky enough to join a small handful of other journalists and attend a small roundtable interview with the pair. The interview was only supposed to last 25 minutes but, if you know Kevin then you know he isn't one for small talk (but more so the big talk) and the Q&A session ended up going on for the best part of an hour - it was more A than Q though, with only a couple of people actually getting to throw their questions in. We chat to Kevin and Harley about Yoga Hosers, cinema in general, comic books and LOADS more. I'm a huge fan of both Kevin and Harley so getting to partake in the roundtable was a huge honour; it was a pleasure meeting them both and chatting to them too.

So, here's the the audio of the Edinburgh Film Festival roundtable interview with Kevin and Harley Quinn Smith in full for you guys to listen to; it's great fun. I will update this article with a full transcription of it too in the coming days. Also, be sure to check out some of the other awesome journalists that were in attendance, Adam Mulgrew at Seensome, Cat Morley of Cut Out + Keep and Cat Morley, Louise Saul at The Big Glasgow Comic Page, and, finally, Craig McKenzie of the site Kneel Before Blog - who played a role in getting the audio file up and sounding as it does.
(P.S. After the interview, Kevin talked to us informally for a while and I asked him about The CW's The Flash, where he revealed that he will indeed be back to direct more episodes for the show and talked to us a little bit about the Flashpoint story arc in season 3 too!)

Take a listen to the roundtable below (it does cut out a few seconds early but I've taken a look a look at the file and tried re-uploading it a couple of times but it's not making a difference so I'll try fix that soon):

And here are a couple more photos, one which is courtesy of Ed Film Fest (same with all of the above), and a couple I took myself from the interview location too, of Kevin and Harley together but also one of myself with the pair too:

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