Last year, Marvel released the first of many of their forthcoming Netflix exclusive TV shows with the Daredevil revival/reboot and it was incredible. Now, with Marvel's Netflix universe slowly taking shape, The Man Without Fear is set to make a return... and he has a tough opponent in The Punisher go up against, as the first trailer for Daredevil season 2 shows.

I absolutely LOVED the first season of Daredevil, that debuted last year. It was dark, gritty and just excellent storytelling. The first season of Jessica Jones was also incredible and with that series greenlit for a second season and Luke Cage also looking to make his TV debut sometime this year, Netflix's Marvel universe is really coming together and is really something to start getting excited about. Of course, the second season for the show that kicked it all off is right around the corner and just shows us exactly why Netflix and Marvel make a great storytelling team as Matt Murdoch takes on The Punisher.

"Father, why do I still feel guilty?" asks Charlie Cox's eponymous hero. "The guilt means your work is not yet finished." After bringing down Wilson Fisk, it seems as though Daredevil will have to suit up once more to save Hell's Kitchen yet again, this time from a more formidable opponent: Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle, better known as the vigilante The Punisher. Similarly to Daredevil, Castle simply wants to protect his city but his methods of doing so just may be a little more questionable. And when the two disagree of how to go about making Hell's Kitchen a better place, there's going to be conflict.

This evening, Netflix have debuted the first trailer for the forthcoming second season for Daredevil and it is dark and moody and epic. Based on this first reveal, it seems as though the main focus of season 2 will be seeing our titular hero going up against The Punisher. There's action and grit aplenty. Of course, as we know, Elektra is also set to have a prominent role in the season and whilst we only get a small tease of Elodie Yung's character at the end of this trailer, the promise of a second trailer on the 25th indicates that we may be seeing more of what her role in this story will be very soon.

Check out the trailer below:


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