Now that we've received the tail-end of all the Award contenders, it's that time again where studios start dumping their awful releases on us. Last year's awful January comedy was Mortdecai and the Robert DeNiro and Zac Efron comedy Dirty Grandpa takes the spot for this year's one. Yikes.

Honestly, it's not even worth knowing about the plot for this but, for those interested, the film follows Jason Kelly (Zac Efron), a lawyer about to get married to his girlfriend Meredith (Julianne Hough). When his grandmother passes, Jason takes his mourning grandfather Dick (Robert DeNiro) on a road trip to Florida, to help him distance himself and to let him grieve but also to help himself escape the stress of wedding planning. However, as their trip progresses, Jason begins to realise that Dick had other plans and is not quite the typical, softie grandparent he thought of him to be and is, instead, perverted and reckless; smoking crack, getting into trouble and trying to sleep with as many women as he can.

The premise is nothing unique, it's really just a road trip movie at its heart, with DeNiro and Efron. However, it had the potential to be something fun and to make for a decent, fun comedy full of lots of hilarious, rude jokes and shenanigans and banter between our leading pair of charismatic actors and just be a good popcorn flick to kick off the year. Nope. In fact, if anything, Dirty Grandpa is the complete opposite; this is a dour, awkward, hilariously unfunny and just frustrating film that is so in your face and frustrating that lacks any substance or charisma or humour or any redeeming quality or shred of hope. It's films like this that make you question this industry at times, begging the question of why on-earth it was ever made - let alone even merely greenlit or even just taken to the studio in the first place; why was this script written? Why would anyone in their right mind put the time and effort into writing a script so bad that it feels like it is purposefully mocking us.
The script is atrocious, to say the least. It is bland and uncharismatic, not to mention so ridiculously and utterly unfunny that not a single joke even remotely, honestly lands. The dialogue is so contrived and forced and awkward; with a film titled Dirty Grandpa you'd expect there to be some rude, dark humour but it is just so offensive and evil and racist and discriminatory past the extent of being "dark humour" that it just comes off as shocking and outrageously disgusting and cruel. There is no narrative to the proceedings either and this is just a convoluted mess of random, unnecessary scenes just loosely tied together without meaning, not in any way related to the plot or even trying to. The film is heading in no direction and lacks any purpose, merely just stealing our cash and laughing at our stupidity. The script is too busy shoving awkward, deadpan penis jokes at you that it doesn't have the time to be even somewhat cohesive. The 'humour' is very in your face and as far away from funny as you can get, instead making the viewer feel awkward and embarrassed, coming off as desperate and cringe-worthy.

Zac Efron and Robert DeNiro are both charismatic, likable, not to mention talented, actors and the idea of a road trip film between the pair sounds like it could make for a good film! But you can't help but wonder just how they ended up starring in this shit. Their performances are so wooden and emotionless and the banter and dynamic between the pair just feels forced. Their characters themselves lack personality or depth or charisma. It's not all Efron or DeNiro's fault though, they're just given such dull characters and near to nothing in terms of development to work with. Oh, also, as well as being racist and homphobic and pedophilic, Dirty Grandpa is also misogynystic, with all the female characters being portrayed as sluttish and just weak characters that act as nothing but eye candy. It's disgusting. It's offensive.

You know it's not good when you have a comedy that it is not even remotely comedic, to the extent that the only reason anyone is laughing is because just sitting through the torture of having to watch this atrocity is painful and slowly driving us all insane and sending us into mass hysteria because we'd all rather be dead than having to watch this excuse of a film. In simple summary, Dirty Grandpa is utter garbage. This is already one of the worst films of 2016, and we're not even a month in to the year yet. The biggest joke this film has going for it is the fact this movie is a joke in itself; it's a joke it even got made.

Dirty Grandpa is dirty indeed, a dirty pile of painfully unfunny shit.

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