The curtain is closing on 2015, what has been another truly great year for film. And, as 2016 dawns upon us, it's that time of year again where best and worst lists make their way online. Looking back at the past 12 months, we've had all sorts of weird and wonderful films but, amongst all of them, some bad ones too and it's time for me to roundup my worst films of the year.

I've seen a lot of films over the past year and when I looked back at all the 80 or so films I'd seen since January, I realised that there was a lot of great films - in abundance, in fact. However, as always, there were some not so great ones and I initially had around 20 films or so that I just didn't like - for whatever reasons. I've already posted my best films of the year so now, of course, it was only right to follow-up with my worst films of 2016. Choosing them was real task, because there quite a few disasters, but I've whittled it down to my top 10 and I'm rather satisfied by my choices too. Remember, it's a subjective list and this is all my opinion but I feel as though each and every film on this list deserves to be there and I've tried reasoning just why.

But, without further ado, let's dive into my worst films of the year, starting off with some honourable mentions and films that didn't impress me - albeit if just not managing to quite slip into my top 10.


The second film in the Divergent franchise was a lacklustre young-adult film that fell victim to all the genre conventions and tropes. I loved Veronica Roth's novels but the films are just so disappointing in comparison.


Even Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson couldn't save this doomed disaster epic. It was good in the visuals department, but that's all.


2015 had a lot of coming-of-age stories and most of them were good. We Are Your Friends was an exception. This messy and confused film was tedious and convoluted and just not a fun time.


Quite simply: boring. This film lacked any substance and was just an excuse to cram as many cameos as possible into an Entourage film.


I forgot this film was even a thing. Isn't that bad enough?
So, that's a few honourable mentions - eclipsed by my main choices. It's now time to move on to my top 10. It's a subjective list and all based on my own opinions but I didn't like any of the films on the list one bit.

TOP 10:

Despite the poor marketing, and the fact that the last good Terminator film released 24 years ago, everyone was still holding onto the glimmer of hope that the latest flick in the franchise, Terminator: Genisys, would be somewhat good - especially since Arnold Schwarzenneger was returning. However, this film was awful. It was stupid and a big, over-bloated mess of CG bullshit. It was frustrating to watch and has officially put The Terminator films in the ground, hopefully for certain this time - ruining everything we loved about the original two. We should've known something was up when the studio spelt Genesis wrong in the title.

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Hollywood has a really bad track record when it comes to video-game adaptions and Hitman: Agent 47 was no different. This film adaption of a pretty good video game was awful. Everything about it was so contrived and frustrating. It was a typical, modern-day Hollywood blockbuster - over-saturated with big action sequences and bloated CG and unnecessary set pieces. The action in this film was the best aspect of this film but, even that was too stylised and shot so poorly. There was no substance to this film and the premise was weak and mawkish.

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I'm usually a fan of Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen's comedies and, after all the controversy surrounding their latest political 'mockumentary' of sorts, The Interview (hell, the film was even temporarily banned in the States), the stage was set for what could've been a really funny film. Even after its U.S release last year (which got a lukewarm reception but some good buzz still, nonetheless), I waited until February to see the film and, when I finally did, it was a disappointment. It was unfunny and not what you'd expect from Goldberg and Rogen - when a comedy doesn't make you laugh, it's not a good thing; especially from a duo like this. I was let-down big-time, crushed by such an overhyped and underwhelming piece of garbage.

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Honestly, I was actually looking forward to seeing this film. I thought the trailers looked fun, the premise was ingenious and you had Christopher Colombus directing - who helmed the likes of Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire and the first two Harry Potter films. I'm a fan of video games too (as evident by some other choices in this list). You can see why I'd be looking forward to this, even if only just a bit. I was kind of hoping this would be my guilty pleasure of 2015. As soon as the film started, however, I knew it would make it into my worst films of the year. This film is not good. It's boring. It's not funny. It's actually dumb. Adam Sandler is shit as always. Kevin James is... well... Kevin James. The CG was bad. This was a bad, low quality pile of shit and we ate of such potential and a really unique and fun premise. What more needs to be said?
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Speaking about unfunny comedies, Unfinished Business is high up in the list. The cast for this film was impressive and I'm a huge fan of Vince Vaughn but this itself was unfinished business. I have never been so bored watching a comedy before. This is so unfunny that it's actually annoying. It was so forgettable. I was pissed off by this film and it stands out as one of the worst films to have released this year - a waste of talent, effort and money. It was tedious to watch and lacked the energy it required to make it even remotely decent. I have some unfinished business with whoever the fuck greenlit this project!

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I'm a huge fan of comic-book adaptions and, despite all the hate they get, I actually enjoyed the first two Fantastic Four films; they're fun guilty pleasures. A dark, gritty re-imagining from a director like Josh Trank and a stellar ensemble to play our eponymous heroes and the Fantastic Four reboot was promising! However, as the film neared, skepticism started to arise and, in the end, the film was a disaster. Not only did it bomb at the box-office because of how bad it was but the sequel was cancelled indefinitely as a result of this film's failure. As a fan of these characters and of comic-book adaptions, this was perhaps the most disappointing film of 2015. Everything about it was just awful and the final act is one of the worst I've seen in some time. The more I think about the film, the worse and the more disappointing it gets. This is what happens when a studio and a director have a bad relationship. Thanks Fox and thanks Trank for ruining such beloved characters.

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You get bad films. Then you get films that are so bad they become funny. The Boy Next Door is just that. This was supposed to be a dark, serious drama but it's so atrocious that you can't help but laugh at its failure. It's such a bad film that it's funny. It's actually cringe-worthy and awkward to watch and a very difficult film to sit through. Jennifer Lopez should stick to music because she cannot act for shit and this film is evidence. Her chemistry with everyone was bad and the relationship between her and Ryan Guzman was horrible and so artificial and unbelievable. This is why we can't have nice things and good films.

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Johnny Depp hasn't been of form lately (until the release of the recent Black Mass, which was great) yet I've always still defended him as an actor. After seeing Mortdecai, that's no longer the case. This film stoinks. With one of the best comedy casts of the year, and one of the best comedic teams behind the camera, this film could've - and should've - been funny and at least somewhat enjoyable. Nope. It's torture. Depp is horrible in this, giving the worst and most ridiculous performance of his career yet. This is unfunny and cringe-worthy and a waste of my time. The dialogue was stupid and the jokes were lame and embarrassing and it's films like these that get you wondering, just how much were the actors paid to put their reputations on the line to star in a film as bad and dull and boring as this? I mean, it must've been a lot... surely?!

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The summer movie season is supposed to be a fun, entertaining one. We got some real epic popcorn flicks with Age of Ultron or Jurassic World but not even Entourage or Terminator: Genisys killed summer fun the way Hot Pursuit did. Coming off of an Oscar nomination, this is what Reese Witherspoon resorted to. Watching her and Sofia Vergara is painful. The two have some of the worst, more forced and most unbelievable chemistry in any film this year. The film is just stupid. The jokes are atrocious and not even remotely funny. It's almost as if this was made merely for the sake of it, scrapped together in 10 minutes. You have two lovely, pretty actresses here that downgrade themselves to make a pile of shit. This is a gruelling watch and not worth anyone's time. It frustrates me just thinking about this film.

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What can possibly be worse than Hot Pursuit, you ask? How can you get any lower than the aforementioned disasters? Simple. The answer is A Dozen Summers. You most likely haven't heard of this film. If you haven't, good. If you're in the minority that has, I'm sorry for you. It's a little, UK made indie film and I was able to see the film early to review. Biggest regret ever. This film is an atrocity to humanity, to mankind. It's worse than most school projects. In fact, the quality of this film is so terrible that it would be right at home amongst all the bad, discarded school films. There's nothing to it. Everything about this film is awful. The acting is so forced and frustrating and the premise is so stupid and the direction is unprofessional. There are all sorts of great ideas out there that could make for great films but, instead, we get crap like this. In fact, it's hardly even a film - it doesn't deserved to be called that. There's no premise. It's just random scenes strung together with terrible acting, bad dialogue and awful directing. This is the sort of trashy homemade videos you'd expect to find in the depths of YouTube and even most of those are better. It's as if this was made by a child without brains, seriously. Honestly, this is when reviewing films actually becomes a task. I love watching and reviewing films but this is when I consider it work and this is when work is shite.

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So, that's my list folks. There have been some real fart-bombs hitting our screens this past year. Thank you guys for all the support towards the site over the past 12 months; I wouldn't have been able to see and review so many films without you guys. 2016 is looking big and I can't wait to keep bringing you guys content. Here's to another triumphant 12 months ahead of us.

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