After all the mass Star Wars excitement, from Comic-con, a couple of months ago, things have quietened down recently in terms of The Force Awakens news. However, these last couple of days have been HUGE for Episode VII as not only have tickets gone on-sale but a poster has released and a brand-new, first, full-length trailer for the forthcoming film has also arrived!

For the past couple of weeks, there have been rumblings in the Star Wars fandom that a new trailer for The Force Awakens was expected soon but an exact date was never known. However, within the last few days, it was revealed that not only would a brand-new trailer, the first, full-length reveal, be debuting during the halftime break of ESPN'S Monday Night Football but the official poster for the film was to release the day before.

And, as expected, yesterday saw the arrival of the one-sheet for the film and it's gorgeous. It's a bit of a crammed poster, there's certainly a lot going on, but it's hard to deny that it looks pretty cool. I love the contrast between the colours: the red towards Kylo Ren's side signifying the dark side and the blue on Poe's side to signal the light plus the green from the Falcon. We also get a look at the new super weapon I believe, the Star Killer, behind John Boyega and Lupita Nyong'o's mo-cap character can also be seen next to R2-D2. Of course, the style of the poster follows the typical Star Wars poster style and it's just so cool and exciting to finally see such a one-sheet.
As well as the poster's release, tickets for the 7th instalment in the mega franchise have officially (and finally!) gone on sale this morning too. Most major UK cinema branches opened the box-offixe at 8am this morning but, I'm not sure how things are in the U.S - although I reckon tickets have gone on sale for most major American cinema chains too. If you are in doubt though, I'm sure your local theater will be able to inform you as to the situation regarding advance tickets for the film and for marathons and midnight screenings too, which, again, most major franchises will be doing.

The big news though is the arrival of the film's first, full length trailer which is beautiful and epic and just so awesome. The reveal offers lots of new footage and we get to see much more of the new characters herr and there's a lot that mirrors the character interactions between Han, Luke and Leia from the original trilogy. Speaking of which, we finally get a much better look at the returning icons themselves in all their glory (with rhe exception of Luke, still) and it's honestly so exciting to see them back in these roles. Really, my point is... STAR WARS IS BACK BABY AND I CAN'T WAIT AND HOLY SHITBALLS IT LOOKS SO DAMN EPIC AND I'M SO EXCITED! THE FORCE IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE!

With J.J Abrams at the helm and starring Harrison FordCarrie FisherMark HamillAnthony DanielsKenny BakerPeter MayhemAdam DriverOscar Isaac, Daisy Ridley, John BoyegaDomhnall GleesonLupita Nyong'oGwendoline ChristieSimon Pegg and Andy SerkisStar Wars: The Force Awakens opens in UK cinemas on December 17th, 2015 before opening everywhere else the following day.

Check out the trailer and posters below:


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