Being the enthusiastic writer (as I'm sure you can all tell from my jovial, exuberant articles) that I am and the film aficionado that I also am, you can see why I'd jump at any chance to write an alternate ending for a film - especially if it's for a competition, and the chance to win some awesome prizes!

Have I got your attention? Good. I'm glad. Now, just what am I rambling on about you may ask? I'm talking about The Alties, presented by Cartridge Save. Now, for those of you that are scratching their heads in confusion, The Alties is a competition for all film buffs, movie-goers and screen writers alike in which you must write your own alternate ending to a film of your choice for a chance to win a grand prize of £2,000!

All that is required is 750 words as scripted dialogue or prose for the film of your choice in one of 5 categories:
  • Best Comedy or Rom-com
  • Best Sci-fi, Horror or Fantasy
  • Best Action and Adventure
  • Best Family or Animation
  • Best Drama or Thriller
My choice, for example, was an alternate ending for J.J Abrams' Super 8 - one of my all-time favourite films - involving a doppelganger and a whole twist on the perspective of death and ambiguity in the film, most especially involving our protagonist Joe Lamb and the death of his mother Elizabeth.

So, for further details on the competition and for any questions yoy may have regarding it, simply head to to find out more details and for more information.

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