This Summer, for the most part, has been good. From Mad Max to Inside Out and more, we've had a lot of good Summer flicks this year. However, not even the disastrous Terminator: Genisys kills Summer fun the way the Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara comedy Hot Pursuit does.

After an incident involving an innocent student getting tasered, by-the-book, apprehensive cop Cooper (Reese Witherspoon) is reduced to desk duties. However, she is brought back into the field when she has to safely escort a drug-dealing criminal's wife Daniella Riva (Sofía Vergara) from San Antonio to Dallas where she will testify against her husband's high-profile, nefarious crime boss and drug lord. Of course, it's not as simple a road trip as it seems and soon the couple is wanted and have a group of angry drug dealers on their tale.

On paper, this sounds like it has the potential be a good film. The premise isn't groundbreaking but it's a fun idea and the talent behind this should make it an entertaining watch, combining the talents of the hilarious Vergara and the recently Oscar-nominated Witherspoon returning to her comedic roots. Unfortunately, this is a missed opportunity. In fact, it's not even that. It's a disgrace to cinema and to the industry and is a big, steaming pile of dogshit at best. It's supposed to be a comedy yet it's hardly even a film.

The characters are so one-dimensional, lacklustre and unlikeable that it's hard to care for anything happening on-screen. The dialogue they're slammed with is just so stupid and cringe-worthy, as is the writing and script in general. No effort has been put into the mawkishly written screenplay, which is unbearably awful. Because of this, all of the jokes fall flat. I didn't laugh once. The idea of comedy in Hot Pursuit is lesbian and menstruation jokes but the film keeps hitting us over the head with them throughout its runtime and they're dead-pan, unfunny and awkward. There's no substance whatsoever to the proceedings.

It doesn't help that the acting in this picture is the definition of terrible. There's not a single redeeming quality of the performances on offer here. The characters have no personalities and are bland and shallow. Both Witherspoon and Vergara give hollow, shrill performances and you can't buy into them as their corresponding characters. There's no charisma or energy to the characters and it's as if the cast can't even be bothered. It's made worst by the fact that our two leads have no chemistry. For a buddy-cop flick, chemistry is a necessity but there's none. You don't buy into their friendship and it's as if the two hate each other.

In summary, Hot Pursuit is a piece of trash and, unfortunately, that's all it is. 

Hot Pursuit? More like Hot Mess. This lacklustre atrocity is a sprawling mess that is awful in every way possible. It's a tedious affair and one that kills the joy of Summer films. YIKES!

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