Saturday was superhero mania at Comic-con. There was the Warner Bros. panel with Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad and the Fox panel with Fantastic Four and X-Men: Apocalypse. Oh, and, of course, Deadpool stole the show. A teaser trailer was shown and, well, we know who won this year's Comic-Con, that's for sure.

After the cast of Fantastic Four departed the stage, a short introduction video played, starring Ryan Reynolds suited up as Deadpool. He was dropping f-bombs left, right and center and talking about the forthcoming film, comparing it to the horrible, weird and just sheer painful version of Deadpool we saw in X-Men Origins. It was some tuly hilarious stuff. After the video, however, he man himself came onto the stage, joined by director Tim Miller and cast members T.J Miller, Gina Carano and Ed Skrein.

They talked about the project and it was evident that everyone on-board was passionate about the character. As Reynolds put it, "this is the most faithful adaption from comic to screen that I've ever seen." They also addressed the R-rating, with Miller saying, "It's amazing that the studio let us make a Deadpool film, let alone an R rated one. It was R then PG then R again." The real triumph of the panel, however, came when the first footage from the film was debuted.

Epic, bloody, hilarious, rude and just everything you wanted it to be, the Deadpool trailer received an insane but appropriate reaction. After the teaser finished, the fans roared with delight. There was a standing ovation and some of the loudest cheering Hall H has seen to date, with the crowd chanting to see the footage one more time. It was brilliant. Now, when said trailer will be made available to the public though is anyone's guess - hopefully soon. However, until then, you can find my full breakdown of the reveal below.
Here's what we saw:

The teaser begins with Wade Wilson and his girlfriend Vanessa. The music is dramatic and the latter is cuddling up with the former. They both look tense. “We can save this,” she says. The pair are discussing Wade's illness. “Sure, the cancer’s only in my liver, lungs, prostate and brain… All things I can live without,” he replies. We then see the pair sitting in a consultation room as a doctor tells them, “It’s important not to do anything rash.” “What if I told you we can make you better?” a man asks, over some nice-looking shots of Wade in a hoodie, walking down an alleyway. The man continues about how they can help Wade and give him abilities like never before: "make you a superhero.” Wade responds, “Promise me you can do right by me, so I can do right by someone else.” We then seem him lying down and being rolled along a hallway when we get a glimpse of the character's iconic humour, in a bit of a sly bash at another one of Ryan Reynolds' projects... “Just please don’t make my supersuit green. Or animated!” 

We're then properly introduced to Ajax, who tells him that the only thing that usually never survives the program is a sense of humor. Of course, Wade retorts, "We’ll see about that, Posh Spice." The program is one comparable to the Weapon X program, from X-Men Origins and the look and feel of the scene is very much like the scene where Wolverine is tested on too. As Ajax leaves, we get a witty remark from Wade about the girl he is left with and as she punches him, the Marvel logo appears. Footage from a scene pretty identical to the test footage plays next, with Deadpool decked out in his full, iconic red suit, sitting on top of a highway overpass. He's listening to the radio and drawing a picture before he jumps into a moving car below. From there, Wade starts punching and beating the hell out of these mercenaries before the car topples over and crashes onto its side. Other big, black cars close in around and and more guys with guns get out and train their weapons at the crashed car Deadpool is in.

As they near the vehicle, the window rolls down and Deadpool sticks his hands up and shouts for the men to “WAIT!” We then get a similar quote to the one from the test footage in which Deadpool explains his suit: “You may be wondering why the red suit. That’s so bad guys can’t see me bleed. This guy’s got the right idea,” he says, whilst pointing at one of the armed thugs. “He wore his brown pants.” Deadpool then jumps out of the car and starts firing off some rounds, shooting one of the men straight through the head. As he yells "MOTHERFUCKER!" and starts getting a little too cocky, a massive and very CGI Colossus slams him into the side of a nearby car who Deadpool then calls a "big chrome cockgobbler." "Who are you," he asks the girl at Colossus’s side. When she tells him that her name is Negasonic Teenage, his reply is “Negasonic Teenage... WHAT THE SHIT?” That’s the coolest name ever!” There’s then a bit of fourth wall knocking going on as he turns to face the camera... “Cue the music!”

An action montage plays next, in which we see Deadpool kicking ass and engaging in some brief fight sequences. We get to see some explosions, there's also a strip club and just Deadpool being Deadpool and being bad. There’s also a brief shot of what appears to be Vanessa and Wade making love and just everything that gives this film it's R rating. We then see the merc with a mouth inside a house of some sorts, talking about how “it reeks like old lady parts in here.” “It sounds like you have a dick in your mouth,” is the reply. Weasel finally appears too in a bar or cafe or something similar. He's sitting across the table from Wade, post-operation but without his suit. The two are talking about how bad Wade looks; “Oh, motherfucker, you are hard to look at,” says Weasel. “I look like a testicle with teeth,” retorts Wade. “You look like Freddy Kreuger face fucked a topographical map of Utah.”

We then get too see Deadpool fighting Ajax, featuring some big swords. He also kills a few men in the process. The next sequence is the trailer's best though as our titular anti-hero is seen hopping over a car bonnet and shooting a man straight through the head whilst in mid-air. However, he doesn't just kill this one man as the bullet follows through the man’s head into the heads of the people standing behind him, slaughtering two more men. A jolly Deadpool then breathes in the smoke that's coming out of the gun (as if it was some sort of drug) before turning to the camera and announcing, “I’m touching myself tonight.” Cue the Deadpool logo. Post-title treatment, we cut back to the scene from earlier with Wade and Weasel as the latter mentions that Wade is haunting and looks like “an avocado just had sex with an older avocado.” “Thank you,” Wade responds.

So, yes. As Deadpool would say, it was a pretty fucking epic trailer indeed. From not only the trailer but the panel itself, this seems like it's going to be a great film and one that truly respects the character - ultra-violent and insanely rude and everything Deadpool stands for. The reveal was everything you could ever want from this film and it looks the merc with a mouth is finally getting the big screen adaption he deserves.

With Tim Miller at the helm, and starring Ryan Reynolds, T.J Miller, Morena Baccarin, Gina Carano and Ed SkreinDeadpool is set to hit the UK on February 5th, 2016 before heading to the U.S on February 12th.

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