The show ended a few years back and, this year, the boys are back - this time on the big screen. There's beers, girls and drama (Johnny Drama included)... it's the Entourage movie and here's my review.

I can't say I'm all that familiar with the original series. I did a bit of research though and brought myself up to speed with what the show was all about and what had happened. In that sense, it's hard to compare the movie to the series - but, believe me, you get as good an idea as any.

The plot to the film is really quite simple. When Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven ) wants Vince (Adrian Greener ) to star in his movie, the latter is reluctant to agree, on the condition that he gets to direct too and make his directorial debut with the film. Soon, Eric, Turtle and Johnny Drama join Vince on his journey and the boys are back as they head for getting a little flavour of just what the film industry can be like with all the fame.

Last year, the folk here in the UK were treated to the hilarious British film The Inbetweeners 2, the sequel to a film based off a hit comedy show.  Entourage feels almost like the American equivalent. However, it's nowhere near as funny or even good as that. It's basically Sex and the City, just for guys. And that can't exactly be a good thing? It's just girls and beers with poor, attempted banter and lots of shenanigans and everything you've come to expect from Entourage whilst not being as good as Entourage.

There is no structure to the plot of the film. The storyline is all over the place and never coherent; we jump from one scenario to another without explanation. The use of pointless, subliminal subplots just make things more annoying and the proceedings quickly become convoluted and tedious. The film is supposed to spoof the industry and give us a look at how some actors can be assholes. For that to work, a lot of cameos are required and whilst some are fun to watch, there seems to be an abundance of pointless cameos and, to an extent, they're fun but the film just keeps hitting us over the head with the same stuff.

If there's any positive to take away, it's that Entourage can be a fun, Summer blockbuster at times. Some of the jokes hit and the film creates a typical, Summer blockbuster tone; fun. The acting and chemistry from our main Entourage is great too. There relationship flows so seamlessly.

The boys are back and having a great time. Unfortunately, I can't quite say the same for the audience. Entourage is tedious and just pointless.

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