In the recent flood of young-adult adaptions, these films began getting very repetitive and over-saturated - with common themes and cliches - which is why The Maze Runner, an atypical, dark twist on the dystopian genre was a welcomed surprise. That was only the beginning. Today, the first trailer and poster have arrived for The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

For the past few days, James Dashner and Fox have been building up the premiere of the trailer over on social media. Yesterday, the author of the trilogy - that the films are based on - was dropping little hints of the film's poster - kind of like pieces in a jigsaw. The folk over at MTV have also dropped an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the film, which you can check out at the bottom of this article. Are you #ReadyForScorch?

However, this afternoon, the first trailer itself has been unveiled and it's awesome! We have Dylan O'Brien leading what remains of the first film's group, having made their escape from The Glade. However, as we find out, that was only the beginning of WCKD's plan - to find a cure to the disease that ruined the planet;  "It's time to begin Phase 2." In a search for answers, the Gladers head out into the "Scorch", riddled with zombie-like beings called Cranks. It's basically Mad Max meets The Walking Dead.

I'm really digging this reveal. It's action-packed, thrilling and does enough to quench our excitement for this - without giving too much away. Accompanying the first trailer, a first poster has also been revealed. Captioned, "The Maze Was Just The Beginning," it puts the spotlight on the "Scorch" - the barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland in which the sequel will take place. It's quite similar to the concept art we saw back at Comic-con and I'm loving the dark, gritty tone of it. It also highlights the sheer scale of this project.

Here's the film's official synopsis:
In this next chapter of the epic "Maze Runner" saga, Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) and his fellow Gladers face their greatest challenge yet: searching for clues about the mysterious and powerful organization known as WCKD. Their journey takes them to the Scorch, a desolate landscape filled with unimaginable obstacles. Teaming up with resistance fighters, the Gladers take on WCKD's vastly superior forces and uncover its shocking plans for them all.
With Wes Ball returning to direct, 
 and starring Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Ki Hong Lee, Nathalie Emmanuel, Katherine McNamaraKaya Scodelario and more, The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials will open on September 18th, 2015.

Check out the trailer below:
And here's a behind-the-scenes look at the film, from MTV:

Let's not forget the poster either:

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