Guys, I'm kind of hyperventilating right now. I normally don't tend to fanboy over marketing materials for a film - especially just a poster. However, said film is The Outskirts. One of my most anticipated of the year. It has a poster. IT FINALLY HAS A POSTER. IT'S HAPPENING FOLKS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

***UPDATE: I've gotten official word from director Peter Hutchings on why the film has been pushed to November but also on information surrounding the film's U.K release date...***

Actress Victoria Justice had the exclusive, world first-look at the one-sheet on her Twitter page. After months of teasing, the film's marketing campaign has finally begun and it's about time too. With the film expected to drop next mon... Wait a second. What do we have here? In Justice's tweet, she put "Check it out in theaters Nov. 6." There must be a typo there, surely? Nope, it seems not. The film has been pushed back, from June, to November.

What this most likely means is that, for whatever reason, the film wasn't completely finished and required some extra time to be all polished up - which is totally understandable - or, the second situation is that, perhaps BCDF Pictures just weren't too keen on having it open right in the middle of the Summer season. Considering it would be up against other family films like Minions and Inside Out, that's also an understandable move. It also explains why the marketing campaign has kicked off so late. At long last, though, it has FINALLY begun.

*** UPDATE: I reached out to the film's director, Peter Hutchings, and managed to get exclusive word on why The Outskirts has been delayed, from June, to November. He said, "Everyone's really excited about the movie and we just think that November's the best date, with kids back in school and everything. It'll be worth the wait!" I also asked him about a U.K release date for the film and he said, "Not too sure about UK release date just yet." ***

Check out Victoria's tweet below:
I have to say, I'm really loving the poster. It's awesome! It has me super excited but that's probably more so just because I'm glad to see The Outskirts getting on the road - more so than anything else. Captioned, "Let the Battle for High School Begin", it's one colorful, vibrant one-sheet and it also does a good job at showing off the impressive ensemble. Also, how badass (and gorgeous) do Claudia and Peyton look - as our two main mean girls. The latter, of course, is one of my favourite actresses (the main reason I got behind this project) and I'm really looking forward to seeing her in this.

I've been following The Outskirts since day one. It's safe to say that SUPER excited for this! It sounds like it's going to be a brilliant film, it has a stellar cast too plus it deals with the important topic of bullying and I'm a Free 2 Luv youth advocate and totally against bullying so it appeals to me EVEN more. I've been chatting to the film's director Peter Hutchings over Twitter and I have been told that the trailer is expected soon. Typically, posters seem to drop a couple of days to a week before a trailer so it'll most likely be here before the end of the month. Don't take my word on that though but if I hear anything, I'll keep you guys updated.

The film follows Victoria Justice and Eden Sher as Jodi and Mindy - two best friends. When they fall victim to an embarrassing prank, the two decide to seek revenge upon the 'populars' that pranked them. They set out uniting all the school's outcasts and soon the whole system is turned upside down when they overthrow the popular crew and take over the school. It's Mean Girls meets Revenge of the NerdsThe premise sounds great. It's got the whole package to be a perfect must-see for all teens. There's a stellar cast. There's drama. There's comedy. There's emotion.

With Peter Hutchings at the helm, and starring Victoria JusticeEden SherClaudia LeePeyton ListAvan Jogia, Ashley Rickards, Katie Chang and more, The Outskirts is set to open, over in the U.S, on November 6th, 2015, and reach us here, in the U.K, sometime soon after. We can expect to see lots more from the film in the coming months.
Here's a larger version of the poster:

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  2. Megan says:

    Gosh, now I need to wait longer to see it? So excited! 😩

  3. Livy says:

    Just an average poster Oasis

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  5. Emmanuel says:

    You're such a cute fanboy <3

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    Peter Hutchings follows you on Twitter? Lucky!

  7. Linda says:

    I'm expecting a trailer soon

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    Its cool

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    I think the poster looks cool. I'm a big fan of Victoria's and have been looking forward to this. I'm a but disappointed by the fact that the film has been pushed though. Could it be that BCDF aren't confident in the I film? I just hope it's good. It has the potential to be, as you said. I'm still excited. I have to wait longer now. I want a trailer soon too because that's when we'll properly get to have an opinion against this. The poster's abstract though. I like it. Great article too Oasis. I love your site. Thanks for always keeping us updated on Outskirts too.

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    I'm hyperventilating too