It has been a good few years since Keanu Reeves starred in his last, decent action film. Well, this year, he's back and kicking ass as John Wick in the action-thriller of the same name and, all I'm going to say is, welcome back Mr. Reeves.

The film follows our titular protagonist, ex-hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves). We find out that the reason he's now retired is because of a girl, who, after 5 years, passes away and all he has left of her is a puppy that she arranged for him to be brought after her death. Now living a quiet life, letting all his anger out by racing around an airplane runway, Wick faces a little trouble when he insults and threatens Alfie Allen's mobster Iosef, who wants his car.

When he goes to sleep that night, he is later woken by a bit of noise from the living room. Going down to investigate, he is ambushed when Allen and his group of thugs brutally beat the shit out of him, viciously kill his dog and steal his car. When he recovers, he's pissed off and sets out after them to seek vengeance. When Iosef's father Viggo (the Godfather basically) learns of his son's act and just who it is exactly he set off, he prepares for war, stopping at nothing to protect his son whilst Wick will stop at nothing to kill him.

Now, I'm a big fan of Keanu's. Films like Speed, Point Break and The Matrix Trilogy - I didn't mind The Matrix Revolutions as much as other people - are all iconic, fun films and some of my favourite action flicks too. However, despite leading last year's 47 Ronin (which was just awful), the actor just hasn't starred in what I'd call a good action movie lately. Well, that's all about to change because this year welcomes his latest thriller, John Wick, and he is back, better than ever. For a man in his 50s, he still knows how to authentically deliver a good ass whooping and make you believe it, believe that this guy can still kick ass.

The action in John Wick is high-flying, fast-paced and shot to perfection. The violence is relentless and undoubtedly entertaining; Reeves laying waste to a whole nightclub full of henchmen is a true highlight that will have you on the edge of your seat, with excitement! There's a lot of wit and humour to the proceedings too, lightening the mood. Keanu certainly hasn't lost his charisma either, injecting life and energy into the film. It's one of his best films in a long time. Not only that though, it's one of the best action films I've seen in a long time too. Throw in an old-school, exuberant 80's soundtrack and there's a sense of 80's, 90's action nostalgia here!

Sure enough, the story isn't exactly the most fleshed out and there's a lot of little inconsistencies scattered throughout the duration of this but it's difficult to criticise the film for that considering its intent is purely to entertain - and it does exactly that. It's a lot of fun. There has been a drought of good films lately... but the way this revives Reeves, it revives 2015.

As far as the acting goes, everyone looks like they're having a blast. Keanu is back, kicking ass and he makes a very believable, fun-to-watch badass. He really seems like he's having the time of his life, laying waste to thugs. He has some truly memorable action sequences too and just fits the hardcore, retired hitman perfectly. He's joined by a great supporting cast too, including Willem Dafoe, Alfie Allen, Adrienne Palecki, Ian McShane and more that not only support and emphasise our titular protagonist but that also have fun moments of their own too, in which they get to shine for themselves.

Injecting a shot of adrenaline and energy back into the action genre, John Wick is an utterly brutal, fun, entertaining popcorn flick that will get your heart pumping! Welcome back Mr. Reeves.

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