The other day, we received the first look at one of the most anticipated films of all time - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - in the form of a new trailer and it was PHENOMENAL! It's quite a packed reveal and contains a lot more than the first teaser we got last year so we're going to break it all down for you and just discuss everything going on.


I think I speak for everyone when I say that trailer slayed. A couple of days since it released and I'm still reeling from how epic it was. It was quite an intense, packed 2 minutes though so I'm going to break it down and dissect it frame by frame, joining the dots and pointing out things that you may have otherwise missed so put the kettle on, kick your feet up and let's dive into some speculation and trailer breaking down. Make sure you've seen the trailer, though. If you've been living in a box for the last couple of days and haven't already then click the link above.

The Force is strong with this one. We're home so... shall we begin?


The reveal opens to a shot on a desert landscape. This planet also appeared back in the first teaser, where everyone believed it to be our return to Tatooine. However, as director J.J Abrams revealed at the Star Wars Celebration panel, it is, in fact, a brand new planet by the name of Jakku. In the bottom right of the shot, it appears to be Daisy Ridley's Rey speeding past. It was revealed that her character comes from Jakku and is a scavenger. However, it's the crashed Star Destroyer and X-Wing that are the main points of interest here. It was revealed, that the Rebels took on the Empire in the "Battle of Jakku" and this is most likely the remains of it. It's a pretty exciting, breathtaking shot.

Now, this shot quite's daunting. We hear Mark Hamill's Luke Skywalker voicing over and get a look at this. It's a haunting image of Darth Vader's helmet but all burnt and wrecked, due to the funeral pyre - from the 'Battle of Endor' - that claimed the Sith Lord's life. What else is interesting is that the distorted, skull-like helmet is sitting on a triangular platform; on display. What's intriguing about this though is wondering who or what has the helmet, how it came to be in their possession and why on Earth would they have it on display?

Whilst we can quite easily presume that it's Hamill's Luke Skywalker narrating over the teaser, he's never actually shown - from the front anyway. The reason I say from the front is because I can bet that this is him right here, in this shot. We see him donning the iconic black cape and hood, as well as with his trusty companion R2-D2. It also makes sense that this is Luke as he lost his hand in Cloud City and, by the look of the mechanical hand, it seems as though he may have found an upgrade (or could it be that J.J is just messing with us and our emotions)? He talks about how he has The Force. Who is he addressing though? And where are they anyway? Some have suggested that they're on Mustafar (the planet where Anakin became Darth Vader) but, honestly, it seems as though the pair may just be next to a campfire.

Okay, now this shot is probably the most interesting one yet. The voiceover goes on to talk about how his sister also has The Force. We then see someone (or possibly even something) handing over a lightsaber to a character. Who exactly is the saber being passed off too? Well, the VO is referencing Carrie Fisher's Leia so it could be an indication to the fact that she's the one receiving it. It also confirms rumours that the lightsaber will have a pivotal role in The Force Awakens as it's the one that Anakin gave to Luke. This would, of course, make it of importance to Leia but considering it once belonged to Anakin, that would also make it of significance to some bad guys. The one thing that intrigues me though is that the weapon was lost when Vader cut Luke's hand off in Cloud City. So, how was it traced back to Leia?

After a blackout, the trailer really takes flight as we see some X-Wings take flight. It's a different angle on the shot of the X-Wings from the first teaser trailer. It makes for one hell of a visual too and the shot just explodes with energy. It's great seeing the X-Wings back in action! We then get a shot of one of the pilots, Oscar Isaac's Poe Dameron. As was revealed at The Force Awakens panel at SWCA, Poe is the best pilot in the galaxy and, through a mission for Princess Leia, will meet our two other main protagonists Daisy Ridley's Rey and John Boyega's Finn.
Isaac looks like he's having the time of his life here and I love how his helmet doesn't fit and bouncing around his head. We can tell that this is going to be a fun character. Check out the shot of Isaac from the trailer below, as well as a still revealed from Anaheim.

I love this shot. Not only does it just look epic and scary but we see the antagonist of The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren, wielding the triple-bladed lightsaber. There was a lot of hate towards this thing when it was shown in the first teaser trailer. Well, this just shows that not only does it look quite cool when in action but that it can be wielded too. So, yeah, haters going to hate. It can be done, 'chewie' on that.


Okay, so this shot gives us our first look at Ridley's Rey and Boyega's Finn in the new reveal and they're TOGETHER - the latter having ditched his Stormtrooper costume for something a bit classier. Something/someone's clearly after them. It looks as though it's the TIE fighter - in the top left corner of the shot - that caused the explosion. Why though?


Dun, dun, duuuun: it's our antagonist! Now, not only does this shot give us our first look at The Force Awakens' mysterious villain Kylo Ren but it's just an epic shot. We still don't know who's playing Ren. In fact, we don't know much about him at all, other than that he's evil and will have a pivotal role in the film. He does look pretty dastardly though, in the renowned "using The Force" pose. It's also interesting to see that he hasn't ignited the other two blades on the cross-guard lightsaber. They're probably only for emergencies. Also, if you look real closely, you'll see the new flametrooper in the right hand side of the shot, as well as just behind Ren's hand. Basically, they carry flamethrowers and their only purpose is to go around and burn everything. I'm guessing they're the ones that caused the fire present in the background. And are they on Jakku?


I have to say, I'm liking this shot. There's a lot going on and it's just the one, from the reveal, I seem to remember most (aside from the trailer's closing shot, which we'll get too). For starters, we're on some sort of snowy landscape. Could it be The Hoth? It's a plausible idea but it may be that Jakku isn't the only new planet so I wouldn't be surprised if this is too. The screenshot also gives us a better look at the new aesthetics of the Stormtrooper costume yet. Some people dislike it but, personally, I'm actually digging it. It looks cool. As do the TIE Fighters (towards the left) which have, seemingly, been revamped for the conditions of wherever this is taking place. That's not the only thing that has been given a re-design though as The Empire logo, in the background, upon the red banner, has also changed. Considering The Empire has been renamed to "The First Order", in The Force Awakens, I'm guessing the new logo is a part of their new change, starting over to rise up once again. Finally, my big question regarding this shot is who are these Stromtroopers serving? There's someone stood upon the platform in the middle there.


This is just a seemingly innocent shot of some action taking place in an Imperial Base. However, things get interesting when you take notice of the fact that it's a TIE Fighter causing all this madness. What on Earth is going on here? Well, could it be that this is Boyega's Finn making his escape from the Empire, before he crashes on Jakku and meets Rey? It's certainly a plausible idea.
Because we then skip to the shot above, which sees a panicked Boyega - in a similar state to how we find him at the start of the first trailer. There seemed to have been a handprint on his helmet, as he was taking it off. Someone/something was obviously trying to get him or stop him even? The question is though that if this whole insanity in the base is down of Finn then there must be a reason that The Empire would go through so much to try and get him - especially if they're trying to capture him later too (it could be that he's the cause of the shot earlier, where him and Rey are running from an explosion on Jakku) You have to wonder though just who was piloting the TIE Fighter if it wasn't Finn and just exactly why all this insanity is ensuing anyway.

This reveal is one of the trailer's money shots. It's epic. It gives us a glimpse at this badass looking Chrome Trooper. However, that's all it does as it reveals absolutely minimal about them. What the role of the Trooper will be is a mystery but we can reckon that it'll be something important. You wouldn't give someone a shiny, sleek Chrome Stormtrooper costume if they didn't have a significant role to play. Now, as far as the old rumours go, it's supposedly Game of Thrones' Gwendoline Christie that is beneath the elite Trooper helmet; assigned the tasked to hunt down Boyega's Finn. This, again, adds to my intrigue of why The Empire would go through so much hassle and even send such a high-ranked force to try and detain him? It could just be revenge for the slew of chaos he caused in the base but I feel as though it's something more. Doesn't Christie the Chrome just look so epic and imposing though?!

Yasss, it's BB-8! On a quick side note, did you know that, despite most thoughts, he isn't CGI! That's right. During The Force Awakens SWCA panel, he rolled out onto stage. It was awesome. We also got to hear him better and he sounds cool too. As far as the shot goes, we're back onto the Millennium Falcon and it's just as dirty and glorious as we remember. There's a great sense of nostalgia here. We also have BB-8 present and it looks as if he's spying on someone. I wonder who, or even what.

Here's another shot of Finn. He looks all dirty and messy. There's a hand reaching out for him too. We don't see who it belongs too but it's safe to say that it's VERY likely Rey, offering him a helping hand. We're on Jakku too, most likely before the shot from earlier where the two of them were running from an explosion. There seems to be a lot of interaction between the pair shown in this reveal - whilst we've only seen Poe once and even that was just a rehash of the shot he was in, from the first teaser. I'm guessing that Finn and Rey will have a more core, special relationship.

Remember the HUGE Millenium Falcon shot from the end of the first teaser? Well, this just seems to be a continuation of that. The intensity has really been stepped up and it's a gorgeous shot. The big question though is who is piloting the Falcon and why are they being chased by a TIE Fighter?
Here's the best bit though. Just look at what they're flying into. It's a crashed SUPER STAR DESTROYER! We're, again, back in Jakku. As I mentioned earlier above, that's where The Rebels fought The Empire. This is most likely due to that. However, I don't believe that this was the same Star Destroyer from the start of the trailer. Some have said that it is but it looks completely different. We'll most likely find out more about the "Battle of Jakku" and these crashed crafts in the film.
Okay... now who's this? There's two possibilities to this shot. The red markings could be actually printed onto the Stormtrooper's helmet or it could be a reflection of the light. Now, I don't believe that it's the latter. I don't believe it's the same Chrome Trooper from earlier either (although it could be, just shown from a different angle and with light playing a feature). You have to wonder though who this is and what significance, if any, they'll have to the proceedings. Could there be a connection here to the Chrome Trooper? The one thing I do know is that the black Stormtrooper costume is badass.

OH MY GOD. This is the money shot right here. It still gives me goosebumps. I genuinely had a tear in my eye when I saw this shot; the perfect way to close such a beautiful, epic trailer. It's Harrison Ford's Han Solo and Peter Mayhem's Chewbacca  together again at last, on-board the Millenium Falcon. It's a sight that will get any Star Wars fan's heart racing. Sure, we didn't get to see any other returning faces but this is good enough. We know that all the returning players will have a prominent role in The Force Awakens but doesn't seeing Solo and Chewbacca just get your nerves tingling. It has been years since the two stepped into the roles but they still look great and Harrison Ford has never looked happier; neither have us fans. "Chewie, we're home," he says. Yes, they are. So are we. Star Wars is back baby and the whole world is ready and pumped.

With J.J Abrams at the helm and starring Harrison FordCarrie FisherMark HamillAnthony DanielsKenny BakerPeter MayhemAdam DriverOscar IsaacDomhnall GleesonLupita Nyong'oGwendoline Christie and Andy SerkisStar Wars: The Force Awakens opens in cinemas on December 18th, 2015. Hell yes.

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