The other day, director Zack Snyder tweet out a short tease for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser trailer and, after having leaked online, the full, official thing has, as expected, arrived. 

With next year set to play host to a whole handful of superhero adaptions - from Captain America: Civil War to Deadpool and more - Dawn of Justice has to, quite easily, be one of my most anticipated. Just the idea of seeing two of the most iconic heroes ever butt heads, for the first time ever, on the big screen, is enough to get people interested.

The trailer was originally meant to debut, in IMAX, at a special 15-minute long screening, in select theatres, on April 20th, but leaked online this morning instead. However, Snyder promises that the event is still set to continue and that viewers attending will be the first to see an exclusive IMAX trailer for Batman v Superman, containing some new footage. Here's what he tweet out:
As far as the actual teaser itself goes, it's actually quite good. It does a good job of setting the stage nicely for the film. I wouldn't go as far as saying it's amazing though. Or maybe that's just because I'm still recovering from the overwhelming insanity of yesterday's Star Wars trailer. With still quite some time to go until Dawn of Justice is set to release, it's fair enough that we're only shown such tiny amounts of footage so, I guess, in that regard, it works.

Taking place post-Man of Steel, we can see that the world is finding it hard to adjust to a god-like being among their presence. We hear voice overs clamouring against Superman and even see the words "False God" painted across a monument of Henry Cavill's hero. There's a lot of hate towards him. Then we hear Jeremy Irons' Alfred and about half way through the trailer, we switch to Bruce Wayne. We also get a couple of shots of some action sequences too. There's also a good look at the Batmobile in action.

As far as the actual Batman vs. Superman part of the film goes, we're not exactly shown too much. Remember the Comic-con footage? It's basically just a little glimpse at that. Cavill and Affleck confront each other but we don't see any shots of them actually engaging in battle which, for a teaser, this early, is understandable. There is, however, a good look at Affleck in his equivalent to Tony Stark's Hulkbuster suit Batman suit. "Tell me, do you bleed?" says Affleck to Cavill. "You will! Ummm... f*ck yes!

Nonetheless, Snyder has set the tone nicely and has certainly got me intrigued for Dawn of Justice. I'm interested in seeing how the whole "False God" angle is tackled and how that affects Superman, especially when taking on Batman. We didn't get a look at any of the supporting cast either, like Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman or Jesse Einsberg's Lex Luthor (both of whom are heard in the reveal though), so I'm looking forward to seeing how they fit into the story arc too.

With Zack Snyder at the helm and starring Henry CavillBen AffleckGal GadotJesse Einsberg, Ray Fisher, Jason MomoaScoot McNairyAmy Adams and more, Dawn of Justice will arrive on March 25th 2016.

Check out the trailer below: 

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