With just over a decade distancing them from their first big-screen outing, the world's favourite yellow sponge and his marine friends are back for their second feature film, in which they head... out of water! *cue rock music*

So, as far as the plot for Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water goes, Antonio Banderas' Pirate Burger Beard has located a treasured story book, following the adventures of the sea's greatest recipe, for the Krabby Patty, and the sea's greatest fry cook, Spongebob Squarepants. However, what we realise is that he has the ability to re-write the story to his liking and change events.

Meanwhile, in Bikini Bottom, Plankton is up to his usual schemes and after the Krabby Patty formula again. As always, Spongebob, Patrick and Mr. Krabs are on hand to try and protect their sacred recipe. However, what none of them don't know is, Burger Beard has altered the story to take the formula himself and has put the city into a deep, dark apocalypse. Using teamwork, the gang must come to our world to save theirs.

SpongeBob has been airing for what seems like forever now. I can still remember watching the show when it was at its peak back when I was a little kid, a good decade or so ago, and the show is just as big, if not bigger, now than it was back then. It's, arguably, the biggest children's TV show running and, judging by its warm and goofy heart, it's clear why. Now, I'm not going to shy away from saying that I'm a fan of the cartoon. It's just so enjoyably silly and fun. I even also liked the 2004 The SpongeBob Movie. Now, over a decade later, our yellow friend is back for his second big-screen outing, which takes everything we love about the show and turns it into an enjoyable film for kids and adults alike: Sponge Out Of Water. It's a fun, visually stunning creation and the 3D is gorgeous too!

I think my biggest complaint towards the film has to simply be how misleading the trailers and even the title are. Despite being called Sponge Out Of Water and all the marketing showing off our heroes in their CG-live-action glory, out of water, and making it out to look like the whole film will be like that, only the final 20 minutes of the 90 minute runtime are actually spent OUT of water and it's a shame, really, as not only does it feel bad that Nickelodeon were deceiving us just to try and sell their film but that was the best part of the whole thing too.

Instead, the film largely follows Plankton and Spongebob travelling through time and working together to sort things. Now, that's not entirely bad. It would be  lot better if the film advertised that a bit more though, so we weren't left just waiting for all the good live-action stuff to happen instead. The time travel stuff got a little bloated and confusing too and that meant things just quickly spiraled off track and became uncomfortably absurd and weird at times. However, kudos go to the fact that from start to finish, despite what was going on and how strange thins got, the film was always funny. The jokes are flowing and there's always something that has you laughing. There's also a few nice nods to some of the older, more illustrious episodes of the show, from back in the day, for fans to try and spot. Oh, and the core message of teamwork is conveyed brilliantly too.

Spongebob's return to the big-screen is as dumb and as weird as Spongebob can get but throw in some light humour, a little (perhaps too little) CG magic and all our favourite Bikini Bottom folk and we have Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out Of Water; a competent and entertaining little picture.

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