Believe it or not, Damien Chazelle's critically acclaimed Whiplash was around and had stunned audiences before - back in 2013. However, it was only a 20 minute short version, rather than the full 107 minute long feature length film. Well, that short has arrived online.

The full film debuted at Sundance 2014, to a flurry of love and positivity. However, for some, it came expected as Chazelle had his Whiplash short (that spawned the film) premiere there the previous year, where it took home the 'Short Film Jury Prize' for "its wicked sense of humour, fantastic ensemble acting and razor sharp directing." In an interview with LA Times, the director revealed that he had already written the script as a feature film but, having never directed before, wanted to dip his toes into the water so chose one key scene (which you'll recognise if you've seen the film) and turned that into a short to get people interested in seeing the full thing.

From that success, Chazelle decided to fund the feature-length version, inspired by the short and, last year, it landed a spot at Sundance where it took off on its journey, only to end up taking home a whole host of Awards - from BAFTAs to Globes and even a couple of Oscars. J.K Simmons, who garnered so much praise and glory for his phenomenal performance as the cruel Terence Fletcher, starred in both the original short and feature film but was almost recast in the latter. Good thing he wasn't.

At first, the short wasn't available online. But, Whiplash just dropped on Blu-Ray (over in the States) and it was on there as an extra feature so, of course, someone put it online and, well, thanks to them because it's awesome. The film is one of the best I've seen in a LONG time (read my full review here) and this short just accompanies it so beautifully. It seems that Simmons wasn't the only one brought back as there are a numerous few handful of familiar faces here.

Check out the Whiplash short below:

Also, whilst you're here, I dropped the feature film's electric and exhilarating final scene and it's below too:

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