Currently had at work on her next project, Joy, before X-Men: ApocalypseJennifer Lawrence's career is only going up and onwards. Well, she will soon also be teaming with Steven Spielberg for It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War.

After the titular war memoir was excerpted in The New York Times Magazine, nearly every major studio has been squabbling to get their hands on the rights to develop it into a film. Warner Bros. came out on top, sealing the deal and acquiring the rights for it and, ever since, their has been a battle for the role.

FocusMargot Robbie wanted the part, Darren Aronofsky tried to get it for Natalie Portman, Working Title wanted to work with Reese Witherspoon and that's only just a few of the many A-listers wanted. George Clooney, Hugh Grant and many others were also after it too.

However, a recent report, from Deadline, suggests that it's the dazzlingly talented Jennifer Lawrence that has landed the lead role and, better yet, she'll be teaming with Steven Spielberg on the project, who'll be on helming duties for the project.

It's What I Do will be a romantic drama, based on the true events of when journalist/photographer Lynsey Addario went to Afghanistan, during the post 9/11 invasion, where she "carved out a niche, giving an identity to the victims of conflict" and this dangerous work led to her being one of four held captive by the Libyan Army - back in 2011. Lawrence is set to play Addario.

Jennifer is one of the biggest, young actresses working today (certainly my favourite) and Spielberg is, well... Spielberg: one of the biggest directors working today. When you combine such immense talent with such a profound and moving story, then the results are sure to be glorious. It's definitely an interesting mix. However, last time Warner Bros. got Steven on-board a memoir, of sorts, American Sniper, he dropped out. Let's hope that history doesn't repeat itself.

The director has a number of projects currently on the go, including the untitled Tom Hanks starring Cold War thriller, the forthcoming live-adaption of The BFG and a lot more. His name is also in the mix for the Inidiana Jones reboot as well.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence is currently hard at work filming David O. Russell's Joy and has The Dive, Passengers and a little film called X-Men: Apolcalypse all set to come too before the two collab for Its What I Do. The film currently doesn't have a release date and known details are slim but we can, most likely, expect to hear more on it soon.

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