So, I'm just going to let me inner fanboy out for this post so don't mind me. Basically, the first poster for the film adaption of another one of The Fault in Our Stars author John Green's books - Paper Towns - has hit the web.

Ummm... HELL F*CKING YEAH! Now, for those of you that don't know, being a teen and all, I'm a huge fan of John Green's and I adore his novels. However, I feel as though, Paper Towns just has to be his best one; witty, dark, mysterious. If you've been a regular to the site for some time then you may recall that this time last year, I posted my articles on books that should become movies. Well, Paper Towns was at the top of my list. It's a fabulous book, maybe even one of my all-time favourites.

This evening, Green took to Twitter to debut the film's first poster and it is awesome. Featuring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne, as our protagonists Quentin and Margo, this one-sheet doesn't reveal much but it's glorious. Along with that, however, he also revealed when we'd be seeing the first trailer for the film too and it's not too far away. In fact, the trailer will premiere next week, on Thursday 19th March, on The Today Show. Of course, stay tuned here for that as I'll have full coverage and a breakdown of it too.
Here's the film's official synopsis:

Adapted from the bestselling novel by author John Green ("The Fault in Our Stars"), PAPER TOWNS is a coming-of-age story centring on Quentin and his enigmatic neighbour Margo, who loved mysteries so much she became one. After taking him on an all-night adventure through their hometown, Margo suddenly disappears--leaving behind cryptic clues for Quentin to decipher. The search leads Quentin and his quick-witted friends on an exhilarating adventure that is equal parts hilarious and moving. Ultimately, to track down Margo, Quentin must find a deeper understanding of true friendship--and true love.

With Robot and Frank director Jake Schreir at the helm and starring Nat Wolff, Cara Delevingne, Cara Buono, Halston Stage and more, Paper Towns will open in the U.S on 24th July, 2015, but will reach us, here in the UK, a month earlier, on 19th June, 2015.

Check out the poster below:

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