I'm going to be a little bit cocky here, for a second. There's nothing better than being right (even its if partially). I'd like to say I told you so but I'm too excited to. The Outskirts FINALLY has a release date.

***UPDATE: I, now, have official confirmation from the film's director, Peter Hutchings, himself on the film's trailer, poster and an update on the release date that was previously announced. More after the jump...***

The back story is that a few months ago, back in November (it seems ages ago now), I managed to get a hold of a pretty juicy hot scoop about The Outskirts. The exclusive was basically about when the film would be releasing. In it, I said that the information I received revealed that the film would be hitting this Summer, late June to early July. Well, guess what?

That's right, it turns out that The Outskirts WILL, in fact, be releasing this Summer. This evening, it was announced that the forthcoming comedy will be arriving on June 26th, 2015, in the US. There's currently no word on a UK release date. Nonetheless, I'm still hugely excited for this. Mark your calendars, folks. That's only 137 days away, if I've done my calculations right.

***UPDATE: This evening, I managed to confirm - over Twitter DMs - with The Outskirts' director Peter Hutchings that the release date mentioned above (June 26th) is U.S only. However, it will release in the rest of the world after. Here's what he said, "Thanks so much for your support!! We are so excited for people to see this movie. June 26 is US only. Will open later in rest of the world." But, that's not all. He continued, "Poster and trailer coming soon." Now, when exactly 'soon' is and when exactly the film will open around the rest of the world is currently unknown but that's still pretty exciting. I know that I, for one, can't wait for this!***

It's great to see BCDF Pictures ponying this film into the Summer timetable as it shows they're confident about what they've made, they have to if they're going to put it up against films like Jurassic World, Minions etc. This could be quite risky too, though, because off of that, Summer plays host to so many MAJOR films so that would give The Outskirts some tough competition, which, frankly, it may not be able to compete against. Who knows, though? We don't actually have many, specifically, teen based/family-friendly projects opening against - other than, well, the latter aforementioned.

The cast reunited the other day for a special screening on the film. Hot off of that, we now have this news. How marvellous. We can most likely expect to see a poster, some more stills or even a trailer anyday now. With June only a few months away, our first look at the film will probably be sooner rather than later.

The film follows Victoria Justice and Eden Sher as Jodi and Mindy - two best friends. When they fall victim to an embarrassing prank, the two decide to seek revenge upon the 'populars' that pranked them. They set out uniting all the school's outcasts and soon the whole system is turned upside down when they overthrow the popular crew and take over the school. It's Mean Girls meets Revenge of the Nerds.

Starring Victoria JusticeEden SherClaudia LeePeyton List,, Avan Jogia and more, The Outskirts is set to release on June 26th, 2015. Who's excited? I know I am!

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