Disney's Jessie may be ending but that doesn't mean it's over as with it comes the birth of a new show: the Jessie spin-off - titled "No one knows, no one cares but it's more Jessie."

That's right, folks. After a week of rumours and teases, Disney have gone and finally, officially announced the new series. Disney Channel's Worldwide Executive Vice President Adam Bonnett made the announcement on Wednesday night, "'Jessie' has been a fan-favourite for the past four years. We are excited that viewers all over the world can continue to watch the humorous antics of Emma, Ravi and Zuri, beloved characters played brilliantly by Peyton, Karan and Skai."

Information on the spin-off series is quite scarce, at the moment. Plot details and even a title are, currently, unknown. However, we do know that Peyton List, Karan Brar and Skai Jackson will be reprising their roles as Emma, Ravi and Zuri Ross for the show which will begin shooting this Spring. Jessie creator Pamela Eelis O'Connell will be exec producing and the spin-off will, most likely, receive its debut towards the end of the year, perhaps start of 2016 because, whilst Jessie has wrapped on shooting, there's still some time until the final episodes premiere. As far as the rest of the crew, they won't be part of the ensemble crew but there's no ruling out cameos.

We all saw this coming, right? The studio are rather notorious for keep the fire burning on their bigger productions. Take a look at The Suite Life or Hannah Montanta, for example. Whilst their spawns (The Suite Life on Deck and Hannah Montanta Forever respectively) were more so sequel shows, rather than actually spin-offs, the basic idea is the same in that they were around for as long as reasonably possible.

I'm a big fan of Jessie's and, as I'm sure you're all aware, List is one of my favourite actresses working today so this news of a spin-off is amazing, in the fact that we get more time with these characters and get to see more of the brilliance that is this show. But, like Aaron Eckhart's Harvey Dent, I have two faces about this. I'm excited, sure. However, I'm skeptical too.

For a couple of reasons; daughter shows are never as good as the original and my worry is that this won't be able to create the same magic that Jessie created. Secondly, it means that List and Brar still won't be able to branch out to other ideas and projects as much and that's kind of what I was looking forward to seeing, when Jessie ended.

Cameron Boyce, who plays Luke Ross, is not set to star in the forthcoming show but is taking his next step too, headlining a new show - Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything - on Disney Channel's sister network, XD.

I’m really glad that we have a spinoff because otherwise, right now, I’d probably be bawling talking about finishing the show,” Disney starlet List said of the new series. So, we're getting Jessie... just without Jessie herself. It's still early days so it's hard to get an idea of what's coming but it's exciting, nonetheless.

Check out the announcement video below:

Peyton List took to Instagram to celebrate the news, whilst teasing it too. Here's the post:
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