We love superhero flicks. We love animations. Combine the two and what do you get? Disney and Marvel's baby; the delightfully awesome Big Hero 6, with an even bigger delight in its big, white, marshmallow-y hero Baymax.

Loosely based off of the Marvel comics of the same name, set in a fictional, futuristic world (SanFransokyo), Big Hero 6 follows the 14 year-old genius Hiro. After a run in with the cops, for illegally bot fighting, his older brother Tadashi takes him to his university campus, in an attempt to persuade him to use his talents and knowledge for actual good.

Falling in love with the tech and what they do, he sets out trying to prove his worthiness to get in to the school. However, after a horrible tragedy, the tables turn but things start to become bright again when he takes his brother's invention - Baymax - under his wing: a soft, friendly robot that assists with medical care. When a mysterious threat emerges, Hiro takes it upon himself to save the day. Using his love and knowledge of tech, he transforms himself, Baymax and his friends into a group of 6 suave, badass superheroes, by the name of "Big Hero 6," as they chase down this newly-emerged supervillain.

I loved this movie. It's funny, action-packed, emotional, awesome and has one of the best, most loveable characters that I've seen translated to the big-screen. Ever. Directors Don Hall and Chris Williams have managed to craft a story that appeals to the whole family: little kids, adults and everyone in-between. Sure, it's clich├ęd but it's bursting with energy and fun.

The comedy is great too. It never feels forced and always hit. It's the little things though, that are amongst the film's funniest. All the characters are great too, with such enigma and depth. However, it's Baymax that takes the belly share of the laughs - the equivalent to Josh Gad's Olaf in 2013's Frozen. He steals the show here! His little actions, the perfect timing of his witty little one-liners, his innocent, child-like charisma all comes together to make such a brilliant, loveable character. He's such a delight to watch and you just want to reach into the screen and give him a big hug.

As well as comedy, this film balances both action and emotion too. The first act is very story heavy, setting the stage quite nicely for what's to come, but as the second half of the film takes its toll, it seems to lose its footing just a little. But, on the other hand, Hall and Williams do crank things up a notch - in terms of the action - as cars go flying, buildings crumble and we even take a trip to an alternate dimension.

Although, this is more than just real steel as at the core of this is a moving, heartfelt story about a boy - lost in the world and misunderstood - who finds a friend in an inflatable robot. It's emotional and all the quieter moments are some of the best, just as well captured as the bigger action sequences.

Big Hero 6 is a fun, action-packed and heartwarming animation, bursting with warmth, ingenuity and energy.

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