December is here, folks! That means the festive season has begun (or should I say empty wallet season) and Christmas is quickly dawning upon us. Rather than frustrating yourself over which gifts you should go out and buy, I've condensed some of the best - for all you TV/film lovers out there - into a handy little Christmas gift guide. You're welcome.

From box-sets to posters to nifty gadgets, from common ideas to out of the box buys, we've scoured the Internet in order to collate a roundup of some of the best gifts around for any movie buff, bound to put a smile on their face when they open it on Christmas Day. So, check out our list below:

***Gifts not included.***

You know what they say, old is gold! It certainly is with my first Christmas gift recommendation - the 1984 Christmas Crackers Collection. Made of 6 great, classic festive films, this nifty boxset is the perfect way to gear up for snowfall and Santa Clause. Plus, it makes such a wonderful gift for anyone, movie die-hard or not. There's nothing better than sticking the fireplace on - when it's cold out and snowing - sipping on some hot cocoa and indulging in some magical, fun Christmas films. You cannot go wrong with the classics. It's a CRACKING gift. Get it?

Get it here.


Any film aficionado is familiar with the Quentin Tarantino masterpiece that is Pulp Fiction! This year marks 20 years since it released and there's no better gift than the 20th anniversary collector's edition boxset. Starring Samuel L. Jackson, John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Christopher Walken, Tim Roth and Phil Lamar, Pulp Fiction is MORE than a sensation and anyone that appreciates films would know that. Featuring the film on Blu-Ray, Zed's keyring, the menu for Jack Rabbit's slim, a Big Kahuna Burger bag, 20 novelty Pulp Fiction bank notes, 4 awesome art cards and all coming in a briefcase-style box (like the one from the film), this is a great buy and will make anyone that owns it jump up on the table and starring boogieing like Vincent and Mia.

You can pick it up here.

With the teaser trailer having recently dropped and just over a year remaining until Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is released, there's no better gift than the Darth Legacy t-shirt - available for men, women and children. It's not only just a stylish tee but it's also a great way to show your excitement for what is, arguably, the most anticipated film EVER. I mean, come on, this T-Shirt is so awesome!!! You'll feel like Tobey Maguire from that scene in Spider-Man 3, rocking this. Yes, THAT scene; the embarrassing one that made you question your life.

Want it? Head here.

Having ended over a year ago, one of the biggest and best TV series to ever air, Breaking Bad, is still very widely watched today! Only last month did we receive the Breaking Bad: Complete Series - Collector's Edition Tin and I cannot recommend it enough. It's the best meth-free offer I could find, including ALL 62 episodes of the show, over 50 hours of bonus footage, a feature length documentary on creating the show's final season and one hell of an epic steel book tin to contain it all. It's a no-brainer. The explosive and VERY awesome show is at its best with a must-buy for all Chemistry teachers and TV lovers! Unfortunately it doesn't come with a 'grow your own drugs' guide. You'll just have to improvise. Dammit Walter. 

Head here to pick it up.

And, for those of you LUCKY Breaking Bad lovers in the U.S, you get an EVEN better little boxset collection with the Breakjng Bad: The Complete Series Barrel Gift Set. With every season of the show on limited edition disks, 55 hours of bonus footage, Los Pollos Hermanos apron, a 'Better Call Saul' matchbook 4GB flash drive and a cool collectible replica money barrel, this is the ULTIMATE Breaking Bad boxset for only the baddest of the bad. It has gift in the title. You can't beat it. Still no meth and drug-guide though.

Purchase it here.

Following the release of the brilliant Dawn of the Planet of the Apes earlier this year, this print is better than porn. It's a must-buy and must-read for any lovers of the film. Having fumbled and fallen through Tim Burton's hands, this is a delicate franchise only starting to rise (haha, I'm hilarious) once again having had a great revival from Rupert Wyatt and Matt Reeves. This wonderful book highlights the success of the apes and the progression of the franchise, from its origin to today. It's a quality and intriguing read and just shows the sheer scale and impact that these films have had and makes any brothering aficionado truly appreciate the social commentary and effectiveness of cinema and film. It's genuinely one of my favourite books to release this year. It is the Caesar of books, except without the Andy Serkis and the Caesar.

Buy it here.

I'll be honest, I really didn't like Christopher Nolan's Interstellar. It was exhaustingly tedious, boring and just not a good film! However, some people really enjoyed it (those weirdos) as it's one of these movies that you either love or hate. Whatever your thoughts be towards it, no one can deny, it really gets you thinking and has your mind in a constant state of flux, even some time after it has released. Well, Titans Books' Interstellar - Beyond Time and Space is a wonderfully compelling read that breaks down and illuminates the hefty baggage of Interstellar's ambitious (and poorly handled) story. There's more to this book than meets the eye and it highlights and discusses some of the topics from the film and, well, goes even beyond what's shown on-screen. It's an interesting and thought-provoking book that really gets the reader thinking and breaks down all the lofty science that makes up Christopher Nolan's latest sci-fi extravaganza.

Head here to purchase it.

I LOVE Lego and always have done. Everyone grew up with it, builidng weird and wonderful things to their heart's content - letting their imagination run riot. Well, any TV boffin cannot deny the fact that the company's latest The Simpsons collection is just one of the coolest things they've ever released. Lego's The Simpson House is AWESOME! Recreate your favourite scenes from the classic animated show and just invest hours and hours building and customising and just having fun with The Simpsons and their home. Putting you in the heart of all the action, complete with all the characters and accesories this is a must-buy gift that will put a smile on the face of whoever is lucky enough to unwrap this on Christmas morning - be it a child or a grown-up.
DISCLAIMER: House isn't life-size and no life-size Homer companion included.

Order it, staright from LEGO, here.

You can get your hands on pretty much every, even slightly renowned, film character as a POP! Vinyl figure and, frankly, all of them are magnificent and just great to own. However, my favourite, one of the best POP! Vinyl figures available has to be the one of The Joker, from The Dark Knight trilogy. The late Heath Ledger was GLORIOUS as the iconic villain in 2008's The Dark Knight and this epic little figurine version honours him well. It is very cool indeed and a fun little item to have to show off and just adore! 

Buy it here.

One of this year's biggest and best films was Guardians of the Galaxy. The team's best member, by FAR, was the walking and talking tree Groot. He was easily the best thing about the movie and instantly became a fan-favourite character. "I want a Baby Groot," everyone said after having seen the film. Now, unfortunately, technology hasn't exactly figured out how to get us one (yet we have Barbie doll dogs that can poop?) but, until then, the 7" Baby Groot vignette is the closest and best we'll get. It's everything we want from Baby Groot other than the fact that it can't dance. Nonetheless, it will still brighten up your living room and is a gift that will make any Film/Marvel/Guardians/Vin Diesel/Toy tree fan squeal with delight before dancing. Look at his wittle face! You know you want it.

Take Baby Groot home, from here.

Continuing on from my last suggestion, my final gift recommendation is another Guardians of the Galaxy goody; this time being the Rocket Raccoon plush toy! Being the other breakout superhero from the Marvel film, alongside Groot but not as big, this plush toy brings your favourite talking Raccoon to life in your hands! It's awesome, super cuddly too and makes for a fun, unique and cool Christmas gift for, I want to say kids but anyone really. The one downside, though, is he doesn't utter any of his one-liners.

Buy it here.

So, there we have it you guys! That's my little Christmas gift guide for you all, for this year. Above is just 11 of, well, LOADS and LOADS of film/TV related gifts you can pick up this Holiday Season. Hopefully you enjoyed my selections and, who knows, my little guide may have even benefited you. If it did then great, since everything I talked about above would make a glorious gift for anyone, but if it didn't then, well, you just have bad taste in gifts. I'm just kidding, I love you all. Or do I? I don't even know anymore. Or do I?

It could be that other ideas just strike me in the middle of some deep-thought so if you ever want any MORE recommendations then drop me a tweet, on Twitter. Also, make sure to come back next year. We're hoping that Marvel will release a life-size Ultron prototype and that we'll get a REAL triple-bladed lightsaber, from Disney, to recommend to you all. If not we may have to resort to Terminator: Genisys on Blu-Ray. Oh, that's a nightmare before Christmas right there.

From myself Awais, here at OasisAwais, I hope you all have a great festive season and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, when it comes.

See you in 2015. 

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