Earlier today, we received the first look at one of the most anticipated films of all time - Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - and it was AWESOME! There's a lot condensed into this 88 seconds so we're going to break it all down for you and just discuss everything going on.
PLUS, find out who voices over the teaser.

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Ever since the film was announced, back in 2013, this day was the one all Star Wars fanboys and fangirls have been waiting for - our first look at the film. Let's be honest, it's excited! Star Wars was the biggest franchise ever so it's good to see that, after over a decade, it's preparing to make a return.

After lots of speculation as to when we'd be seeing this reveal, it's finally here and it's just amazing. Whilst it contains more than I thought it would, it's still very careful about what it teases and what it doesn't.

So, we're going to break it down and dissect it frame by frame, joining the dots and pointing out things that you may have otherwise missed so you can take the most away from the teaser (although I'm sure you already have). I'd make sure you've actually seen the trailer, though. It just means that this article is more effective and just a better read.

So, "something's awakening."
Shall we begin?

Kicking things off, we're introduced  to our first actor in the teaser trailer - John Boyega- and he is, in fact, a Stormtrooper. It seems that there's no longer clones beneath the helmets. Rumour suggests he'll be the film's protagonist. If this is the case, why is he wearing a Stormtrooper suit? He clearly always wasn't a good guy. Also, are we back on Tattooine? It seems like it. Things seem tense though. By the way, the music that begins to play as this little clip fades out - with all the trumpets and the drama - is part of John Williams' new Star Wars score. If sounds good, obviously!

It's the new and improved R2-D2! You can't have a Star Wars film without R2 and, this ball-shaped bot seems like the new and improved version of one of the coolest characters from the original films. Also, take a look into the background and it seems like we're still on Tattooine (or wherever the previous shot was). The old R2 is sure to feature in this but it may be that this 'thing' will be the next sidekick for the new era of the franchise that's beginning next year. It's cute, hi-tech and could make a great toy.

We then get our first look at the Stormtroopers. Despite their new attire, we recognise these guys from a mile away. We see a scene where the troopers have loaded their weapons and are about to jump off a plane somewhere. We have no idea what's going on but, supposedly, the Empire has cracked down hard in the 30+ years since we left Return of the Jedi - because it clearly didn't die with Vader. We're in a dark future now and these Stormtroopers show it, with their dark, brooding new look. I have to say, I LOVE their little change. It makes them look a lot cooler and just more badass than they did in any of the previous Star Wars films.

The second face shown in this reveal was that of quite small, rather unknown actress Daisy Ridley. Reports suggest that she's set to be playing the leading lady in the film. Now, we can't tell much about her role from this above shot but we do get our first look at a cool new vehicle, that we got concept art of earlier this year.
Uh-oh. Daisy looks worried! Rumour has it that she and Boyenga find a lightsaber and their adventure really gets into gear when the pair go out and attempt to try and track down Luke Skywalker. Well, if you look closely enough, there seems to be one attached to the side of the ship/hover bike thing. It's Ridley's riddle, soon to be solved. Also, we seem to be back on Tattooine.

It's a third face, another newcomer. It's Drive and Inside Llewelyn Davis actor Oscar Isaac as a Rebel, piloting an X-Wing. So, what's clear is that the Revel Alliance is still around. Ok. What Wei not know, though, is whether they have the advantage- over the Empire - or not.
Aaaaand, there's a glorious little shot. It's the mighty, redesigned X-Wing taking flight once again. I loved these things in the original films and am excited to see them take to the skies once again. Also, their new aesthetics make them look cooler and just more futuristic. It's also a lot closer to Ralph McQuarrie's original Wing designs. But, the golden sky and the water below. The scene is just gorgeous shows the films visually stunning strengths.

We hear the sinister words "The Dark Side..." Just like the Hulkbuster in the Age of Ultron trailer or Chris Pratt riding with raptors in the Jurassic World reveal, the scene above is the big one in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser. It's the money-shot. This is the trailer's biggest reveal: the villain. Who or what is beneath the hood and wielding that CRAZY lightsaber. Just the way the user takes it out and reveals the two additional attachments to the weapon is scary and sends chills down your spine. They obviously have a Leger purpose than just for show. Who? What? Why? This villain has us asking so many questions and has us excited. Some think it's maybe The Inquisitor, from Star Wars: Rebels. Maybe.

The other HUGE (and final) sequence in the reveal is when the voice over booms "And The Light." Then, John Williams' classic Star Wars theme tune plays and out flies a Millenium Falcon. It does a cheeky wee 360, making you dizzy, before it heads towards  Tie Fighters  - which surprise, surprise were shooting at it - and then blackout.
It's a magnificent little scene that makes you jump up with excitement. Williams' score takes you back to the classic days and seeing there's a lot of nostalgia when seeing the Falcon appear on-screen, talking you back to the good old days of the franchise.


This is, of course, the biggest thing about the trailer - voicing over it; "There has been an awakening," "The Dark side... and The Light." Since the trailer arrived and BROKE the Internet, speculation as to who this voiceover is has gone crazy. From Adam Driver to Andy Serkis people have been trying to resemble the voice to others. Benedict Cumberbatch was even a name that appeared, although he's not starring in the film. However, it has been revealed that the voice belongs to none other than the mo-cap and acting guru Andy Serkis! HitFix were able to confirm it, earlier today, and Collider managed to verify this too. It's said that Serkis won't have a lot of screen-time but he'll still have a 'pivotal' role - expanding into future sequels. The new question raised, who will be play? By the sound and tone of his voice, I'm guessing a wielder of EVIL FORCES! Although, considering this teaser doesn't give us much to work with, it's hard to say.

The title treatment. We're back, baby. The first The Force Awakens footage has arrived and this grounds it all. It's REALLY happening; the appearance of this title treatment MAKES it all real. Jaw-dropped, speechless and left reeling this is a title treatment that comes in with a bang. I'll tell you something, it looks like Disney have really knocked it out the park with this. Remember though, this is only a teaser. If this is how we react to a TEASER, imagine how the world will react to the full trailer - whenever it may arrive. It FEELS and LOOKS like a classic Star Wars film and you can't ask for much more than that from a teaser. It'll most certainly have you excited for next December as hit the replay butting in the teaser to soak it all in again.
We then have the faint sound of a lightsaber drawing. It probably means nothing nuts it's still worth noting.

I'm hyped.

As wonderful as it may be, a few questions are raised by the teaser, though, like what has happened to Harrison Ford or Carrie Fisher or Mark Hamill? None of the returning cast members feature in the teaser, in any way. We don't see them, we don't hear them and there's not even any little signs or teases towards how they'll fit into the storyline either. Of course, a lot of the nee characters weren't shown or mentioned either but it's nothing of the old cast that surprises me.

Of course, the biggest question is who is the mysterious lightsaber-wielding figure? It's obviously the new (or maybe even old) villain but is that the same character that's voicing over the trailer? There's a dark kind of tone to the voiceover. It's a very plausible idea. But, what character is it? We'll just have to wait and see.

Picking up after Return of the Jedi, this will unite old characters with new to kick off a new era of Star Wars films. From what we see in that teaser, it's going to be awesome. There's lots of nostalgia here, from the old films, but there's also lots of exciting new features too. It's going to be good! Hopefully the film is just as good - if not better - than how gloriously the film has portrayed it to be.

With J.J Abrams at the helm and starring Harrison FordCarrie FisherAdam DriverOscar IsaacAndy SerkisMark HamillLupita Nyong'oDomhnall GleesonGwendoline ChristieAnthony DanielsMax Von SyndowKenny Baker and Peter MayhewStar Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens opens in cinemas on December 18th, 2015.

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