You may remember that I've mentioned a small high-school comedy, that I'm very excited for, by the name of The Outskirts a few times in the past. Well, hold on to something as we have a bit of an awesome exclusive scoop, for the film, for you guys.

***UPDATE: The film's release date has been revealed. Looks like our scoop blew over. Catch the full details after the jump..***

We know that filming on the project has wrapped for a while now and that it's curretly in post-production. As of right now, a release date for the film has yet to be OFFICIALLY announced. We're also eagerly awaiting our first look at the film, through some sort of clip or trailer. Of course, we don't know when that'll be here either. Until now.

Basically, I've had quite a trustworthy source come to me with information regarding when we'll be seeing the film's first trailer and when we could be seeing the film itself. Am I believing the source (who shall remain unnamed)? Yes, I am. After all, I am running with it. However, I would still recommend taking this news with a pinch of salt just in case something doesnt work out. It's all subject to change rather easily and, since it's not all set official yet, it could.

The team behind Bachelorette - BCDF Pictures - are developing the film, their Brice and Claude Dal Farra are producing and Rhymes With Banana director Peter Hutchings is helming. Filming kicked off in July 2014, ending almost a month later. Now, as we mentioned, the team is working hard on the post-production, behind the scenes editing process - to tidy things up and make sure the film is suitable for release.

When will it release? Well I've been told that The Outskirts is eyeing to release sometime in Summer 2015 - around about late June, early July. That's quite a clever move but, also, a risky one too. The target audience for the film is, obviously, teens and when are teens off from school and out with friends? Summer. It's the perfect time for us to go out to the cinema to enjoy a teen-flick - like The Outskirts, for example. An exact date is yet to be announced. It's also the type of film that is best tailored for that time of year, most of the successful teen films open then too.

However, this could be quite risky too, though, because next Summer plays host to so many MAJOR films so that would give The Outskirts some tough competition, which, frankly, it may not be able to compete against. Who knows, though? We don't actually have many, specifically, teen based/family-friendly  projects opening against it so it could steal lots of audiences there. Even if it doesn't, I'd, personally, choose to see this over something like Terminator: Genysis, just because it sounds like a fun and unique film.

***UPDATE: It has, this evening, February 8th 2015, been revealed that The Outskirts will, in fact, be hitting the U.S on June 26th, later this year. There's no word on a UK date yet and no word on a trailer either However, whist the exclusive may have been wrong there, at least the scoop on the film's release date worked out. It's a 50/50. I'll take it. The cast met up, the other day, for a screening of the film. We can most likely expect to see something sooner rather than later now. Nonetheless, I can't wait for June. Mark your calendars...***

However, Summer 2015 may seem like quite a long time away so I bet you're wondering when we'll be getting our first look at the film. Well, my source(s) tell me that BCDF are looking to release the trailer very soon. In fact, the trailer will supposedly be upon us early into next year. Now, when this will exactly debut is unknown but, in any case, we'll have the first trailer soon!!

So, quite a scoop if I do say so myself. I have put in an enquiry with Hutchings and BCDF themselves to try and 100% confirm it but I haven't heard anything from them yet. If I do, though, then I'll be sure to let you all know.

Honestly, I'm rather excited for this! It sounds like it's going to be a brilliant film, it has a stellar cast too plus it deals with the important topic of bullying and I'm a Free 2 Luv youth advocate and an totally against bullying so it appeals to me EVEN more. I think it'll be good and I can't wait to see it, when it arrives.

The film follows Victoria Justice and Eden Sher as Jodi and Mindy - two best friends. When they fall victim to an embarrassing prank, the two decide to seek revenge upon the 'populars' that pranked them. They set out uniting all the school's outcasts and soon the whole system is turned upside down when they overthrow the popular crew and take over the school. It's Mean Girls meets Revenge of the Nerds.

Starring Victoria Justice, Eden Sher, Claudia LeePeyton List,, Avan Jogia and more, The Outskirts is set to release next Summer.

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