It's a good day to be a Marvel fan. A VERY good day! Today, in Los Angeles, Marvel hosted a very special event, for members of the press, in which they made some HUGE announcements. The biggest being... the unveiling of Marvel's Phase 3.
Beginning the event, Kevin Feige walked on stage and started to discuss the MCU slate, past and present. He then went on to utter, "We didn't ask you here to tell you things already know." Boom. On-screen comes the Phase 3 slate, but all the films are covered up. Then, one by one, Feige begins to announce and reveal the upcoming films, in order from 2016 to 2018.
We discuss about each film below.

Here's the upcoming Phase 3 slate:
  • CAPTAIN AMERICA 3: CIVIL WAR - May 6th, 2016.
  • DR. STRANGE - November 4th, 2016.

  • GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY 2 - May 5th, 2017.
  • THOR 3: RAGNAROK - July 28th, 2017.
  • BLACK PANTHER - November 3rd, 2017.
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL - July 6th, 2018.

  • INHUMANS - November 2nd, 2018.

Wow. Simply AMAZING!

Cap 3 was the first revealed. We already knew it was coming. However, Feige unveiled the film's name as Captain America: Serpent Society but, at the end of the Phase 3 reveal, announced its REAL name: Civil War. The events in Age of Ultron will lead on to it and it'll be the first film in Phase 3.

Dr. Strange now has an official release date too! Feige said it'll conpletely change the face of the MCU: "We now want to enter parallel dimensions," he says. Oooh, how exciting. Unfortunately, though, we didn't actually officially find out who will be playing the Sorcerer Supreme and Benedict Chmberbatch has NOT been cast.

Remember at Comic-con, when James Gunn announced Guardians of the Galaxy 2? Well, it has a new release date. It's set for May 5th, 2017! The event saw Gunn send ANOTHER video message announcing it. Why does he not turn up to these things? Hard at work, I guess. The title treatment for the sequel was awesome.

The second film in the 2017 releases is the third and, by the sounds of it, probably final Thor film - Thor 3: Ragnarok. Hiddleston will return - hooray - and the way The Winter Soldier changed Steve Rogers is the way Ragnarok will change Thor. By the way, the word 'Ragnarok' means the end of everything. Yep, I'm excited for this.

YES, Black Panther has been announced! The Age of Ultron trailer did hint towards it happening and, finally, it is. Oh, Chadwick Boseman will play him too.  Whilst we won't see him, suited and booted as Panther, in next year's Avengers sequel, it'll set up for his solo. He'll also star - as a major character - in Civil War. I'm guessing he'll either be on Cap's side (since no one knows his identity and he'll want to keep it that way) or he'll be a third party.

We finally also got the official announcement of a Captain Marvel film! Thank god! They were a bit behind the game - for having a female-led solo film - so it's good that they've announced this. 2018, Carol Danvers will arrive.

It, too, was previously rumoured and, now, has been announced. Sharing the Galaxy with our Guardians is The Inhumans. Well, they'll be heading to the big-screen in The Inhumans.

Last, but never ever least, we have The Avengers 3 and, like predictions, it's going to see our titular team take on the biggest Marvel bad ever... Thanos. Better yet, it's so epic that it has to be split into two parts! Infinity War - the film's title - will see The Guardians team up with an EXTENDED The Avengers as they battle out a near-invincible baddie - he'll have all the Infinity Stones. It'll feature pretty much all the Marvel heroes we've seen, or are going to see, in the biggest battle and film event ever. There will be deaths - lots of them. It has been what Marvel has been building up to since 2008.
So, that's Phase 3! What did you think? I'm currently shaking because it's actually, literally too much for this die-hard superhero aficionado to take. The coming years, for Marvel, are going to be just epic.

However, will it all end after The Avengers; Infinity Watch? There are no plans, as of right now, for a Phase 4. We didn't see standalone Hulk or Black Widow films. Also, it looks like there's no Iron Man 4 coming either, just Civil War. Could they make up a Phase 4? I don't think there will be one but we'll wait and see - it's years away. Don't worry about it too much, we still have 5 years PACKED full of awesomeness

Of course, make sure you stay tuned to our site throughout the week because we'll be bringing you lots more Marvel posts - including am in-depth look and breakdown of some of the upcoming films and announcements made today.
It's going to be good.

Phase 3, here we come.

Watch all the films being announced, from today's event, plus the first footage of Thanos with the Inifinity Gauntlet in Infinity War below:

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