I know that this is late but I've been so busy recently. Anyway, here we are with my review of one of my most anticipated films on the year - Gone Girl. The only reason I was excited for this? It's simply because helming this project is none other than the brilliant David Fincher and, just like all his films, this is a masterpiece.

Fincher has to, without a doubt, be amongst my favourite directors. I don't think he's ever made a bad film - with Alien 3 being the ONE exception - so, it's no surprise that I was excited for his latest film - an adaption of Gillian Flynn's hit novel Gone Girl.

Rosamund Pike is Amy Dunne - an elegant, charming woman raised in New York, as a high class household name. When she disappears, on the day of her fifth anniversary - to her charming and handsome Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) - the news is quick to break: tabloid and headline GOLD DUST. For a while, everyone is sympathising for the grieving husband Affleck and his loss but as the mysterious disappearance of Amy is explored more and more, the tables begin to turn.

Soon, all eyes are turned on Affleck as he sits in the chair of the primary suspect for the crime, caught up in a huge media ruckus and a crime scene. Then, to make things worse for the confused Nick, Amy's diary is found and we get her outlook on her not too great man and their oh so perfect marriage is thrown across the floor as we bounce between Amy and Nick's relationship and this mass scale murder investigation.

Fincher isn't the type of person that picks up and directs any, and every, film thrown on his desk. He is, in fact, the opposite - only selecting those that he knows have the potential to do well: atypical, unique, refreshing concepts. It's easy to see why he accepted Gone Girl. It ticks all the right boxes to be a superb film - with a bit of guidance, of course - and that's exactly what it is. He respects Flynn's novel and closely follows it, capturing they key events perfectly, whilst adding his own unique spin to it - especially in the finale - to give it that Fincher watermark. 

The premise and story itself is clever and brilliant. It plays into Fincher's hands, lending itself to the big-screen perfectly. The first act to Gone Girl is interesting and thrilling - a nice mixture of character and setup - and does enough to slowly draw us into the film because as soon as we get into the second act, Fincher is laughing. He cranks up the story to a whole new level, taking us into a whole new direction, with all new levels of complexity and compelling, as we really tighten the grip on Nick - throwing his heated story up a notch.

The Se7en director plays us like a game of cards - throwing in a new hand when we least expect it. The film clocks in at 2 hours and 29 minutes yet not a second is wasted. We always have something to think about and just when we're about to tune out, Fincher throws something else into the mix to have us gripped. He catches us off guard, knocking is off our feet, but then hits us with another blow to make us stagger even more.

As far as acting in this film goes, everyone delivers! As our two main leads, Affleck and Pike absolutely dazzle as Nick and Amy. Their masterclass performances and veritable chemistry buy us straight into the dark, complex relationship between the two - an uneasy, reeling story of lies and deceit.

Affleck is magnificent as he treads the line of innocence and guilt. He also has great support from Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry, both who excel in their roles. But, its our Gone Girl herself - Rosamund Pike - that steals the show. This is her best performance yet, she really is quite dazzlingly good as she mesmerises with her dark elegance.

Normally, I'd suggest reading the book first but not in this case. Avoid spoilers and avoid the novel entirely - try and go into this as blind as possible. However, do save a copy of Flynn's stunning source material aside to dwell into after.

Gone Girl is dark, daring, thrilling and jaw-dropping. With all the elements - from riveting acting to a compelling, twisted plot - it's a movie that will leave you silent - in awe.

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