Last week, all eyes were on Marvel after the epic Age of Ultron trailer was released. This week, it's no different. At a special Marvel event, in L.A, the studio unveiled Phase 3 (see all the films announced here) and, with that, we also got the official subtitle of Captain America 3... and it looks like a war is coming.

When Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige began revealing the Phase 3 slate, he did so in corresponding order of release - from 2016 to 2018. So, of course, up first was the third instalment in the Captain America franchise - the first film in Marvel's third phase of films. However, when he unveiled the film, he revealed that it would be subtitled Captain America: Serpent Society, nothing to do with Civil War - like we were all expecting.

However, as the conference proceeded and Feige raced through the other film announcements, the idea of Civil War floating in the air was unsettling and people began to wonder what had happened to the film that was rumoured a few weeks back. People also began to wonder how the super villain squad would in with the whole 'Hail Hyda' thing that has been fuelling the Cap films. It was then towards the end when the REAL title of Captain America 3 was revealed and it is, as first thought... Captain America: Civil War!!!
YES! IT'S HAPPENING GUYS! Tony Stark is going to go be going up against Steve Rogers in an epic showdown - basically The Avengers 2.5. For those of you unfamiliar with the story, the Civil War comic storyline Rogers and Stark take opposing sides after a Superhuman Registrations Act is introduced, meaning all people with powers have to reveal their identity. It's something Tony is for but Steve is against and this causes some serious tension.
A scene from Age of Ultron was also shown - one that heavily leads to Civil War - where both Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark and Chris Evans' Steve Rogers have just been beaten down by Ultron and are just chatting away whilst chopping some wood. The two have some friendly banter but the situation soon starts to get a little heated and Stark says, "I don't trust a guy without a dark side," before getting a sharp, dark reply from Rogers, "Maybe you haven't seen mine yet." Damn!
Honestly, the tension between the two is nothing new. We saw it in 2012's Avengers Assemble, it's worsening in Age of Ultron but Civil War is going to take it to a whole new level! Things get so bad between the two that they actually go head to head! Iron Man is, basically, going to be pitched as a villain in the upcoming Captain America film. The tension between them is escalating to an all new height. Shit's going down.
Both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans were on-hand at the event too, joking around on-stage about which side was better, which of the two heroes was better and who would win in a fight between Iron Man and Captain America. 
They also then welcomed Chadwick Boseman on to the stage and announced that he'll be playing Black Panther in future films. We'll see him for the first time, in costume, in Civil War as he is said to also have a large part in the film. Surely enough, he'll be made to choose a side but which one he'll take remains to be seen.
Of course, in the Civil War comics Spider-Man plays a big part... except he now belongs to Sony, as far as film properties are concerned. Could he still be coming to the MCU? We can't rule it out just yet. When asked about it, Feige didn't say that it was going to happen. However, he didn't deny the idea either so it could be that things are just being negotiated right now.
This Civil War film is quite a smart move from Marvel's behalf. Not only does it see two of their most popular characters go head to head in an epic battle, in what's likely to be a MASSIVE film, but it also gives them a chance to compete strongly against Batman v Superman (releasing two months before Civil War), as well as giving us the chance to introduce new Avengers, for future films.
I LOVE the idea of having a film adaption of Civil War. It's definitely going to make for a fun, intense and just awesome film. I'm even more excited to see how it ends, especially since the two will have to team up so after for The Avengers: Infinity Watch. Do they resolve their problems? Could one of them DIE? We'll just have to wait and see.
The Winter Solider directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo return to helm the follow-up. Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther and, of course, Chris Evans as Captain America, Captain America 3: Civil War will charge into cinemas on May 6th, 2016.

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