Your prayers have been heard. I cannot wipe the grin off my face. We all saw it coming, we just never knew when. We do now. That's right. I'm talking about the movie we've all been waiting for: Deadpool. It's official folks. Eeep!

Over the past decade or so, we've seen many superheroes take to the big screen - some known more than others- and it's safe to say that most of these films prove a huge success with fans and with box-office figures. Even risks like this year's Guardians of the Galaxy - who no one had heard of prior to the films release - manage to smash charts. Of course, there are exceptions and there are films that don't do well at the box office, let alone with moviegoers.

In recent years, one of these fails was 2009's rather disappointing X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Not only did it leak early and have a bad run at the box-office, but it wasn't actually a good film anyway. However, one of the MAJOR flaws of this was how they atrociously portrayed Deadpool.

Deadpool is, arguably, one of the most known, most loved heroes of all time so when word broke that he would be in Origins, fans were crazy with excitement.   Ryan Reynolds was set to portray Wade Wilson - he becomes the cocky, witty mercenary - and he did a good job until the film began to screw up his character. Experiments were concocted on him and, in the end, he looked like a creepy, mouthless freak and NOTHING like the character we all know and love. It was horrible and put any chance of Reynolds getting his own film into the dirt.

Ever since, a Deadpool film has been in the works - trying to get enough traction to get back on its feet. It even has a script (penned by Zombieland writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick) and, frankly, this script is awesome, hilarious and action-packed. Best of all, it depicts the titular character exactly like he is in the Marvel comics and not like a mutated freak.

For a while now, Tim Miller had been attatched to direct and Reynolds was, obviously, set to bring Wilson to life: giving him a face. Development went nowhere. We even got word of test footage having been recorded for the project but, still, nothing. Then, earlier this year, that footage 'leaked' online and it was epic in every way, shape and size. Shortly after it leaked, it became viral but then got taken down. However, that was enough for fans to go crazy with excitement and enough to show Twentieth Century Fox that we want a Deadpool movie.

Well, they heard and they reacted. A Deadpool movie has been greenlit and is coming in 2016; February 12th 2016, to be exact. I still can't believe it, to be honest. It's actually happening. Miller is still signed on to helm the project but there's no word on who'll play the foul-mouthed warrior but I can almost guarantee that it's going to be Reynolds. It can't and it won't be anyone else. Reynolds has always expressed his passion to play Wade. Besides, the fans want to see HIM bring the character to life. Production is expected to begin, on this, early next year so I won't be surprised if we get an official casting statement by the end of this year.

Wow! 2016 is getting bigger and better for movies! I LOVE Deadpool. He's one of my favourite superheroes. I've been wanting a Deadpool spin-off for ages now so am SUPER excited for this. Hopefully, he can get the big screen treatment that he deserves and, hopefully, we can get one we  deserve too a s not the crap we saw back in 2009 with Origins: Wolverine.

But, we're done just yet. With this good, or should I say AMAZING, news comes some disappointing news. Alongside the announcement of this, Fox revealed that Assassin's Creed AND Fantastic Four will both be delayed. 

Fantastic Four hasn't been delayed by much and we'll be getting that 2 months later, than was expected: now on August 7th 2015 (replacing Assassin's Creed), rather than the initial 18th June 2015. It will now be opening the same week that Guardians opened this year and that was a successful movie so I can see why it has been delayed. However, for AC, the film won't be ready in time so has been completely removed from 2015. It currently doesn't have an exactly release date but is expected for 2016.

Let's recap. Deadpool is set to arrive on February 12th 2016, with Fantastic Four coming on August 7th 2015 and Assassin's Creed expected sometime during 2016.

Here's that magnificent test footage for you to enjoy:

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