We've seen many hit TV shows get the Hollywood treatment, becoming films, over the years. Some work well whereas others (most), not so much. One film that worked well was 2011's The Inbetweeners Movie, with all the good qualities from the show and more. In fact, it was so good that it now has a sequel and it's awesome.

The first film was pretty huge and even broke some records here in Britain. It's success came as a surprise considering it was just a cheaply made expansion of a popular sitcom. There was friendship, there was emotion but, most of all, there were laughs. The TV show is famous, most notably, for being funny: very funny. It's one of the UK's biggest shows. The film carried forward the humour, even improving on it. It was a perfect first movie outing for the lads. 

Well, the boys are back and better than ever. The Inbetweeners 2 is one of the rare times where we see a sequel that is as good, if not better, than its predecessor. There were so many reasons for directors Iain Morris and Damon Bessley to release a second film and even just coast on it but they returned with a bang, delivering a movie that will put a smile on your face.

I think that the thing about The Inbetweeners 2 - and the first film and 3 TV series - that makes it so captivating to audiences is its ordeals and how relatable it all is. We've all been embarassed, we've all had crazy moments with our mates and for Will, Simon, Neil and Jay, it's the same and it's pretty amusing to watch how they handle life and their guffaws.

The film is slow to start. There's a tedious introduction to Will, Simon and Neil - seperated far around the globe since we last saw them, in Bristol and Sheffield. We then see the trio reunite at Will's university, including a prank to set the scene, where they decide to get on a plane and make their way to the other side of world to catch up with their old pal Jay.

He's reintroduced as a, sort of, superstar living it up in Australia; portraying his life, to the other Inbetweeners, as glorious - full of sex, mansions, money, models and... well, you get the picture. Then they land and realise that they may have bitten off more than they can chew, finding out that Jay may have been exaggerating a little... or a lot. Then the film swings into action as the fantastic four make their way around Oz.

As I've mentioned, this film is FUNNY. But it's the gross-out moments that will draw the biggest laughs: there's vomit (loads of it), there's pee and there's poo. In fact, one of the funniest scenes in this film, and the year, involes the brown stuff meeting a person's face. It's dealt with so well and it will have you laughing so hard that it's going to hard, literally. With our titular team have veritable chemistry and are all awesome but it's Neil that gets the belly-share of laughs.

Morris and Beesley step up and direct well but the film doesn't come without flaw. Some of the set-pieces and sequences are maybe a tad too OTT and the characters appearing alongside our main four seem undernourished and weak. It also follows the first film too much and feels like we're treading old territory. But, overall, it doesn't mean much in a film so well done. 

The Inbetweeners 2 is hilarious and will have you laughing... a lot. There's everything we love about The Inbetweeners and more. It definitely is a contender for the funniest film of the year. Haha. I'm still laughing thinking about it. 

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