Ok. I know what you're thinking and I apologise for how late this review is but I don't actually see every single movie on release day so cut me some slack. I know that I really need to step up my game for the future and I will but, for now, let's talk Step Up: All In.

This is the fifth film in the move bustin' series, which began with Channing Tatum as the lead man back in 2006, and I can say that it brings some of the craziest dancing that we've seen in these films to date. However, saying that, the film is still quite tedious and doesn't come without flaw.

 All In, as the name suggests, sees the main (and best) dancers from Step Up 2: The Streets, Step Up 3 and Step Up 4: Miami Heat, as well as some newcomers, get together to form the ultimate dancing crew. They're all in and all along for the ride. If you've seen every Step Up film prior to this and are a die hard fan of the series then seeing some of these old faces back on the big screen will put a smile on your face.

Unlike most other Step Up films, this one is a continuation of the last. Opening the film we have a montage of some bad, but funny, dancing at an audition before being introduced to The Mob, from Miami Heat. Hating life in L.A, the team head back to Miami, all apart from our main protagonist Sean (played by the returning Ryan Guzman). Looking for an opportunity to dance as well as make a living, he stumbles across The Vortex, a dance competition for crews hosted in Vegas.

We then meet the returning Adam Sevani as Moose, now married to Alyson Stoner's Camille, in a cool little dancing scene. They find lead girl, returning from The Streets, Briana Evigan as Andie. Soon, the three are off uniting old and new members to form their new cre, LMNTRIX, and, as they submit their entry for The Vortex, the adventure begins.

I said that if you've seen prior Step Up films then seeing 'old faces will put a smile on your face'. Well, if you've seen prior Step Up films then you'll also know how one of these films tend to play out. They're predictable. The same stuff happens in every single movie - romance, betrayals, dancing (duh!), friendships, competitions and a final showdown. All In, is no exception and is way too cliched and predictable. After a while, it just feels like every other film in this ever-expanding collection of movies.

However, that doesn't mean to say that this is boring because, whilst this film drags on at times and can be somewhat tiring, it's still a lot of fun and some of the plot twists will actually surprise you. I mentioned the dancing in this film, it's unlike the dancing we've ever seen in a Step Up film. There's also more too and, of course, you go to see this for the dancing and you definitely won't leave disappointed.

Old faces mean old tricks, but all with a little flare and pizzazz added! The moves are crazy! Your jaw will drop at some of the things that are being done - Step Up 3's Chadd Smith returns as Vladd, re human robot, and is more amazing than ever. You'll want to get up and start dancing along. Along with the awesome dancing, there is heart and some quiter, more moving scenes too.  

Oh. The final showdown is also unlike any other final showdown we've seen before and team LMNTRIX bring the house down - the exemplary 3D effects accompanying this beautifully. Of course, no dance can compare to Adam Sevani and Alyson Stoner's little duet during the third film but Sevani's solo, in this, comes close, as does the epic final (like I've mentioned).

All around, the cast is impressive and deliver decent performances but never really enough for you to connect to them as the characters have very little diversity and personality to do much, with the leads being exceptions in this case.

Guzman is good as Sean and Evigan is magnificent as Andie but, it is Sevani as Moose that really steals the show: character wise and dance wise. You can notice when he's not on-screen and when he's not, you want him to come back on. It's clear that Sevani is really comfortable in this role now and his character just brightens up this whole film.

Step Up: All In is a lot of fun and a great, new addition to the franchise. Packed with some remarkable dancing this is sure to entertain but nothing more, nothing less.

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