Kicking off Marvel's Phase 3, next year, is Ant-Man. The film began shooting yesterday and now has a first official set photo.

I think that this character probably has the most interesting origin of all, from Marvel. Before becoming the titular hero, Scott Lang is a con-artist and thief. However, his reason for this isn't actually bad as it's to help his sick daughter. I'm intrigued to see it play out on the big-screen.

Yesterday, Ant-Man began filming. The first plot details were also released and, probably, to avoid any unwanted paparazzi and leaks, Marvel have now released the first set picture from San Francisco, where production is going on. It doesn't show us much, other than Paul Rudd as Lang and, boy, does he look pissed.

It's quite cool and shows us Lang before he meets Hank Pym and starts to don the Ant-Man suit: his life of crime most likely currently in full swing. Other than that, it's very hard to get any information on the actual film from just this mere image but it does look like we'll be seeing lots of San Francisco and it's beautiful scenery.

A casting announcement, for the project, was also made yesterday. To find out who was cast head here.

Check out the first set pic below:
Ant-Man is opening in cinemas on July 17th 2015.

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