Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set the bar high for Marvel and their Comic-con panel. Whilst Ant-Man impressed, it was Age of Ultron that was the standout. It smashed Dawn of Justice and blew the roof off of Hall H. Not literally but it wasn't far off.

As soon as the Ant-Man footage finished, the cast departed. Some Michael Jackson music then started playing and on came Robert Downey Jr. and being the legend he is, he began throwing roses into the audience and doing a groovy little dance. It was top notch. After him, the rest of the Avengers (from 2012's film) slowly started to come out before Downey Jr. introduced the newcomers. 

The Avengers has assembled on stage and it was a glorious sight. The Hall H atmosphere was crazy. We had James Spader calling Comic-con weird, Elizabeth Olsen being cute (as always) and mixing up superheroes and mutants. There was also Chris Hemsworth talking about becoming a female Thor. Ah, it was good but my heart stopped at what came next. I'm still fanboying about it right now, as I write this post. A teaser trailer for the highly anticipated sequel was shown. Boom. Yes. When the trailer is released for public viewing remains unknown but, it has been confirmed that it won't be available for quite a while. Not too worry though.  Want to know what exactly was shown? I'll tell you.

Here's what was shown:

The footage begins with the titular heroes partying at the newly renovated Stark Towers, now Avengers Tower. It's a fun occasion with joking, drinking and more joking. Thor throws his hammer down and the other heroes see how can try and pick it up, Stark asking that if he picks it up can he rule Asgard. Thor agrees. Stark tries but fails so he and grabs his Iron Man hand and gives it another but, again, doesn't succeed. Don Cheadle's Rhodey tries also and fails. We then see Hawkeye and Banner straining to lift it but the hammer refuses to budge. Then, Chris Evans' Steve Rogers tries and the hammer budges, slightly. This pisses Thor off and it's a funny moment. Thor says, "Well, this tells me one thing. None of you are worthy." 
Just then a huge screeching sound bellows into the room, "You're all not worthy." The words come from a raging, beaten up old Iron Man suit. It's Ultron. He continues, "You humans think you're so special. You are nothing but killers. And I will take you down." BOOM! Hundreds of Iron Man suits come out of nowhere and fly at our heroes and the Marvel logo appears.

We then have snippets of some of the most incredible action ever as voicing over it all, Ultron says, "I had a vision. The whole world screaming for mercy." Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner looks sickly and beaten, Hawkeye helps people evacuate. There's running, screaming, action. Scarlett With walking through a bus in ruins. Thor smashes a Hydra tank. We then see Stark saying, "It's the end. The end of the path I started us on." Hulk screams and throws a car towards the awesome looking Hulkbuster armour before punching it through it. We see more little clips of our heroes in peril as well as Andy Serkis AS A HUMAN! There's also a tense moment when Thor has his hands wrapped Stark's neck, choking him. At the end, Ultron slowly turns to the camera. "You are all puppets on strings," he says. "But I... I have no strings."
The Avengers: Age of Ultron title then appears. 

Post-title we see Thor's hand slowly reaching for his hammer, Tony Stark in his wrecked Iron Man suit, Captain America's shield broken in half and the camera pulls back to see ever Avenger laying on the ground, beaten. Then, we see the team in some sort of wasteland, surrounded by stars. Is it space? Are they dead? Is this the works of Josh Brolin's Thanos (who came on stage post-trailer, wearing an Infinity Gauntlet)?

Wow!!! Now, I know it would be cliche for me to say that I liked the trailer but I did. In fact, I've never loved a trailer as much before. The footage that I previewed in Hall H was breathtaking, literally. After it debuted, the Hall went CRAZY! It was a madhouse. The film looks a lot bigger than anything we've EVER seen, with the MCU, before.

From what I saw, its darker and a lot better than 2012's first Avengers Assemble. The titular team seem to have one horrible mess in their hands (remember, one of them dies) and Ultron and his army look like they'll be challenging and diabolical enemies for our heroes, wrecking mass havoc. The damage and the effects were beautiful and looked really real and awesome. Oh, and Ultron sounded MENACING! Great work Spader.

Well, it's safe to say I am excited for this. I cannot wait till the film opens, here in the UK, next April.

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