UPDATE: See the whole combined Age of Ultron image BELOW!
2 of next year's big arrivals come from Marvel and are Ant-Man and, of course, The Avengers: Age of Ultron! Well, feast your eyes as they get new concept art posters, in time for Comic-con. Plus, check out the cool interlocking of the Avengers posters. A neat banner is coming together.

Posters are flying around, like crazy, this time of year for Comic-con and two big movies making an appearance at the annual San Diego event are Ant-Man and Age of Ultron, during Marvel's panel on Saturday night. So, to celebrate, we have recieved a cool poster for Ant-Man featuring the titular hero RIDING AN ANT! Despite the film having faced several problems over the past few weeks, I'll have to admit that In excited for this one. The poster is pretty epic.

We then have some cool concept-art posters for Age of Ultron, which see Scarlet Witch getting witchy and Iron Man being... well, Iron Man. We also see Captain America and Black Widow. I'm not sure if your realised but I keep updating this post with all the new Age of Ultron posters being released. Marvel have unveiled some more and they give us a look at Hawkeye, Quicksilver and THE VISION! We have now also recieved the final concept art posters for Hulk and Thor. Scroll right to the bottom and you'll see something so awesome - all the posters connect and you can see the full combined banner below! IT'S SO COOL!

We'll also most likely be seeing first footage from both films this weekend so that's pretty exciting and, if you're a Comic-con goer then you can pick up the sweet posters from the Marvel booth. Don't forget to get them signed! We're here in Cali for Comic-con so will keep you updated on everything happening here so stay alert for all that goodness.

Check out the posters below:

***UPDATE 1: Captain America & Black Widow concept art posters arrive.***

***UPDATE 2: Quicksilver and Hawkeye recieve some posters too. Also, note The Vision in Quicksilver's poster.***

***UPDATE 3: The final 2 concept art sheets have released and it's Thor and Hulk.***

***UPDATE 4: Every single Age of Ultron concept art poster to release connects and, together, this cool image is formed. Wow.***

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