When it comes to movies, teenagers bring in the cash because, let's be honest, there's nothing we love more than a trip to the cinema with our mates. Well, the first stills have arrived from, what is likely to be next year's biggest teen flicks, The Outskirts.

There are so many massive movies releasing in 2015. It's being dubbed the biggest year ever for cinema. We have films like The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World and Star Wars: Episode VII arriving but the movie that I, personally, am most excited for is Peter Hutchings The Outskirts. It doesn't stand as big as some of the films I just named but it does look awesome.

The film, revolving around teenagers, follows Victoria Justice's Jodi and Eden Sher's Mindy - two of the school's outcasts. When they fall victim to an embarrassing prank, by the popular crew (led by Claudia Lee's Whitney), they decide that enough is enough. They set out uniting all the uncool kids in order to get revenge and overthrow the populars. The premise sounds rather awesome. It's got the whole package to be a perfect must-see for all teens. There's a stellar cast - including my fav actress Peyton List. There's drama. There's comedy. There's emotion.

EntertainemtWeekly managed to get some stills from the film which they exclusively debuted on their site. They also grilled Hutchings on what to expect when the film hits cinemas next year. It's currently two thirds through filming. "It's nerd-tastic," he said.

The first still, below, sees all the lead outcasts together - played by Justice, Sher, Ashley Rickards, Katie Chang and Jazmyn Richardson. "The five of then are kind of our main group, our main heroes, our main outcasts," Hutchings told EW.

The second still released sees our popular gang (played by List, Lee, Avan Jogia, Will Peltz and Jeanette Dilone) at a lacrosse game but, as you can see, it's empty. Hutchings said, "The whole school is at a debate tournament so it's part of this story where all the popular kids have lost all their influence, their power over the school."

It sounds awesome. You can see why we're buzzing for this! We cannot wait to see this when it releases next year. Also, if you follow us on Twitter (@OasisAwais) then you'll see that we're tweeting behind-the-scenes pics from the film and just generally sharing out excitement for The Outskirts with you guys.

Check the new stills out below and let us know whether or not you're excited for this:

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