Saturday was the BIG day for Comic-con, with all its biggest panels. Well, kiking off things in Hall H was Warner Bros and Zack Snyder and at the panel, we got something we've been anticipating for a long time - our first look at Wonder Woman.

Snyder didn't waste any time on stage. He debuted some concept art and footage from his upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The crowd went apeshit. But, then, he welcomed on stage Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot

Now, we've already had out first look at Batman and Superman from the highly anticipate film but, until today, hadn't seen Gadot as Wonder Woman. That's right. I said until today because IT'S FINALLY HERE! We got out first look at the incredible actress suited up as the heroine.

I didn't manage to get a HD pic from the panel but, not too worry as, Snyder took too Twitter and released a HD, super awesome version of the pic. Gadot looks PERFECT as Wonder Woman and she also looks sexy in the uniform. It's a fiery image, quite dark too, but it's awesome.

I'm a big fan of Gadot's and am excited to see her as Wonder Woman.

We also got to see some first footage from the film. It involved a suited and booted Batman and a pissed off Superman. Head here to read about what was shown.

Feast your eyes on the first official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman below:

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