It's San Diego Comic-con time, as I'm sure you all know. Saturday was playing host to the BIGGEST panels at this year's event and kicking off the Warner Bros. panel we had Zack Snyder and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Snyder got up on stage and he didn't waste any time. He revealed some concept art for the film. This saw Batman next to his Batmobile and Superman, with someone in his arms, stumbling out of a bashed up ship. But, it wasn't the concept art that was the exciting thing. Snyder ddebuted the first footage from the Man of Steel sequel and, holy shit (excuse the language), it was amazing. The crowd went crazy.

The clip was short but got right to the action. The footage began, at night, with a rugged, beaten up (not literally) Batman, played by Ben Affleck. He was donning some badass armour - kind of like what we saw in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. We've never seen him like this before! He's standing in the rain and switches on the Batsignal. Yes, the Batsignal. It shines the hero's new  logo but standing in the symbol, floating in the air, we have Henry Cavill's Superman and he is angry. His eyes begin to glow red and they lock on to Batman - who turns to face Supe before his eyes glow green. He grimaces and black. The footage ends.

The footage was exciting! VERY exciting! It's clear why this is the most anticipated film ever. Just seeing the heroes clash (not even fight) was breathtaking and the visuals are stunning. Also, I know that there is doubt around Affleck replacing Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne but it looks like he's going to do one hell of a good job bringing him to life. However, there was no dialogue so we didn't get to hear him. We also don't have a wider sense of the story but one thing is clear, Dawn of Justice is going to see these two heroes face off and it's going to be a thrilling and highly entertaining watch. Plus, Batman has updated his armour to ready himself for battle against the most powerful man ever.

Snyder then brought our two heroes up on stage as well a Gal Gadot. The room then darkened and we saw three character images. We had seen the images of Superman and Batman before but the new image was the one of Gadot as Wonder Woman. You can see it in full hi-res here.

Snyder then says to Hall H that they've got to leave and get back to work before rolling the clip again and leaving the audience jaw-dropped for a second time.

The Avengers are coming to Hall H later today, for Age of Ultron, but can they compare to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? I sit know because the bar has been set pretty high.

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