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It's a nice Summer's day in Edinburgh as America Ferrera and her husband Ryan Piers Williams make their way onto the red carpet for the UK premiere and gala screening of Williams' romantic drama X/Y, for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Considering his directorial debut, The Dry Land, was a massive success at this same festival, back in 2010, the expectations are high. They're even higher considering the fact that ace actress and Williams' wife, America Ferrera, is starring in the film alongside him, as his on-screen partner.
But, just mere minutes into the film, it becomes clear that we may have bitten off more than we can chew.

The way a film begins is important. It's a persons first impression on what's to come. It has to be potent and memorable. However, X/Y's opening isn't. The film opens to Ferrera's character Silvia having sex with Williams' Mark and their 'noises' during the opening credit sequence of the film are rather embarrassing. A couple of minutes afterwards, things get even more depressing, as the couple go their seperate ways, carving out the film's plot which sees 4 different characters (Mark, Silvia, Jake and Jen) and how they struggle in life, with jobs and with love.

The film is split into four narratives with Mark's being the first, seeing him tackle life without his partner and facing difficulties with a movie he is writing, as part of his career.
Whilst Williams is, arguably, decent at writing and not too bad at directing, he's certainly no Tom Cruise when it comes to acting as it's bland, boring and just awful. It's almost as if he wasn't trying.

Melone Diaz and John Paul Philip give half-hearted performances as the shopaholic Jen and the artistic DJ Jake but, again, their performances aren't the best. Also, with the main focus of the story revolving around Silvia and Jake, their involvement in the film feels forced and very out of place. It's then even worse when Jake seduces Mark and in a movie full of oddly placed sex... well, you get the point.

The final of the four narratives is Silvia's, who we see messing up meetings and screwing her co-worker Jason in restaurant bathrooms. Ferrera is a wonderfully talented actress and steals the show in X/Y. Although, this isn't hard in a movie with pretty atrocious acting and even she doesn't deliver. Whilst she actually tries and puts some emotion into Silvia, it is still a rather weak performance that is hard to believe.
Oh, and her chemistry with her on-screen spouse Williams is pretty rubbish too although considering the two are married, in real life, you'd expect it to be better.

The film adopts a rather mournful tone, by the end is awfully confusing, and it's all to the accompaniment of Will Bates' tiresome and repititive score.

With it's dreary acting and dreary tone, X/Y is a film that ultimately fails. It's got a story that is centered on love yet, from me, there's not much love towards it.

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