Comedy is jumping to a whole new level...
Sequels are tough nuts to crack, never as good as its predecessor, and as Nick Offerman's Deputy Chief Hardy says, at the start of 22 Jump Street, "things are always worse the second time around." Well, not in this case.

At first sight, few people would have guessed that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller's 2012 cop comedy, 21 Jump Street, would have become as loved and enjoyed as it is today - it was 2012's most pirated movie - and even fewer people would have imagined it coming back with a sequel, so good and so funny that it makes all other comedy sequels cry.

Channing Tatum's Jenko and Jonah Hill's Schmidt return - after having posed as young high school students to uncover a drug ring - to pull off what is pretty much the same mission, and in the same way, as we saw in 21 Jump Street.
The only difference is that rather than high school, as Ice Cube's Captain Dickson winningly puts it, the "two sons of bitches are going to college." The plot is played deliciously OTT, in every way thinkable, and it comes off as dumb but hilarious. Oh, and there's more money, more fun and, of course, more jokes involved this time round.
Honestly, whilst it's good, no one is actually concerned about the plot because with 22 Jump Street, just like 21 Jump Street, it's all about the laughs and the crazy fun!
Lord and Miller did a smashing job directing the original Jump Street, 2 years ago, and their recent animated adventure, The Lego Movie, was also ace for it's smarts and laughs so it's no surprise that 22 was no different, packed full of laugh out loud moments and endless fun!
In a genre dominated by Seth MacFarlane and Adam Sandler, the directing duo have done one hell of a good job with their comedies and making something out of them.
At the core of this movie though, is the relationship between Schmidt and Jenko; the bromance between them floundering as cracks begin to appear in their friendship and with new BFF's and GF's coming into the equation their is some heat and friction going on and it makes for some heavy laughing.
The way the two drift apart and then back together again is sweet, almost moving and shows that, no matter what, at the end of the day, they're always there for each other and it's a beautiful message on friendship, strengthened by the brilliant performances from Hill and Tatum who really work well on screen as the lead pairing.
Both have grown into their roles comfortably and bring out the best, not only in themselves but in each other too, in all projects with The Lego Movie being a nice example.
From start to finish, the film is pouring with humour and one-liners. Cube's Dickson probably being the best in this environment, throwing lolable insults at Jenko and Schmidt, especially Schmidt, and just hammering them down to make sure everything is ok, in the funniest ways ever, and his temper is also back, angrier than ever and it provides for some great moments. Action also flies fast and the sequences are delivered perfectly to make for some spectacularly epic scenes.
It out-guns any other 2014 comedy.
The movie's end scene, during Spring Break, is the film's best.
In fact, it's possibly one of the best end scenes to a film this year as it expertly balances action and comedy to produce a climatic finale that is so epic, you'll be glued to the screen, on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and it's so funny that you'll actually rolling on the floor, crying, and in pain, from all laughter. It works to nice effect.

22 Jump Street is bigger, better and a whole lot funnier than it's predecessor and it is an utterly enjoyable and incredibly fun piece of cinema that is taking comedy to a whole other level, next door.
We'll be waiting outside No. 23!

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