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Bullying is a very delicate topic and being a youth advocate for Free2Luv, I'd know this. It's a serious problem that's on the increase and taking something like it and giving it the Hollywood treatment is a tedious and difficult task, especially when making it a comedy and Peter Hutchings has taken the topic and transformed it into something bigger, something more meaningful with his recently announced The Outskirts.
Directed from a Black List screenplay from Dominique Ferrari and Suzanne Wrubel, the film follows 2 best friends in high school, Jodi and Mindy, who been under the thumb of bullying and torment for years, from the school's alpha female. But when they fall victim to a cruel prank, the girls decide that enough is enough and, bringing together the school's outcasts, they hatch a plan to get their revenge on the bullies and start a social revolution.

Victorious' Victoria Justice and The Middle's Eden Sher will star as the film's two lead teens and will be joining a slighlty epic young cast of Kick Ass 2's Claudia Lee, Twisted's Avan Jogia, Awkward's Ashley Rickards, The Bling Ring's Katie Chang, In Time's William Peltz and of course, our favourite actress, Jessie's Peyton List.
The film will also see Jogia and Justice reunite for a project for the first time since Victorious and the duo had some great on-screen chemistry with that show so this should be just as good, if not better plus seeing List always puts a smile on our face.

The film is being developed by BCDF Pictures, whose Brice and Claude Del Fara will be on hand to prouduce with the company's Lauren Munsch and Brian Keady executive producing. The comedy will begin shooting this Summer in New York with a currently unknown release date.

When announcing the film at Cannes, Del Fara said, “We are thrilled to be working on a movie that is at the same time very entertaining and also deals with an issue like high school bullying. Rarely do we find scripts that can deliver such an important message while appealing to wide audiences.”

Based on the ace cast and the intriguing storyline, my expectations on this film are high and I look forward to seeing what is done with it. I'm expecting that it will be targeted mainly for the adolescent age group (woo!) and will hopefully deliver a potent message on bullying through some laughs and enjoyable cinema and one that will be relatable for most people.
I think it's quite a good idea as teenagers typically feel outcast, with they way they are treated by parents or the law or just generally for who they are and I think that, with it's string theme, this film will connect to many people and I'm excited to hear more about it in the near future.

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